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Become a Champion Member for Fair!

The county fair is a few short weeks away. As deadlines quickly approach, I am certain that members are working hard on their projects for the fair, perhaps perfecting a peanut butter cookie recipe, teaching a lamb to lead, or putting that last stitch in a hemline.

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In the Wind

Although I have relocated to Florida, retiring from Wyoming Newspapers, an unfortunate illness came to my successor, Chrystal Tracy and I ventured out of the land of fairy-tales and dragon flies to fill in from a distance.

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  • Always being the underdog

    As I was sitting on the beach sucking down a glass of retirement, I was remeniscing about a story I got a chance to cover in the dead of winter and took great comfort in knowing the only ice I will encounter is in my margarita.

  • Remember last week when your smartphone wasn’t obsolete?

    Have you ever told a joke that just killed 10 years ago, but today nobody laughs and you suddenly realize you are in the midst of a new and very different generation and culture?