Wheatland Lobos 19U take two from Newcastle

Lobos starting pitcher Ned Hageman mows down another Newcastle batter and got the win as the Lobos defeated Newcastle by a score of 10-2. Hageman recorded six strikeouts.

WHEATLAND –Newcastle spent five hours on the road traveling to and from Wheatland June 2 for a twilight doubleheader. Most likely the trip back was longer and more silent than the trip down.
Gathering 20 combined hits for the night, the Lobos won both ends of the doubleheader putting on a spectacular hitting clinic for all those in attendance. The COVID-19 pretty much all but a thing of the past did see some restrictions, but even the pandemic could not stop the Lobos.
In the first game, the Lobos who won by a score of 10-2 came out firing in the first inning to take a 1-0 lead. Showing themselves strong in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th innings where they picked up two runs in each frame and then added a three-run sixth for insurance.
They didn’t have to spend a lot on that insurance policy though as Ned Hageman gave up only one run and garnered six strikeouts in the four innings he pitched. Equally impressive was relief pitcher, Mytchell Pollock who finished off the last three innings also allowing only one run and amassing six strikeouts.
JP Anderson had two RBI’s for the Lobos.
In game two of the night, which the Lobos took by a score of 17-9, they got behind right away, surrendering four runs in the first inning. They countered with two in the bottom of the first, cutting the deficit in half, but then caught fire in what has become the meat of their seven inning games, recording 6, 5 and 4 runs in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th innings, respectively.
Newcastle seemed to “not want to go gently into that good night” as they erupted for another four run inning in the 3rd.  Lobos pitching once again proved too strong for the Newcastle team as Cross Hernandez who started the game and gave up eight runs also gathered nine Ks. Kade Preuit who came in for relief in the 5th inning allowed only one Newcastle player to go 360 feet and cross the plate. He also had five strikeouts.
Between Hernandez and Luke Anderson, they accounted for over half of the team’s RBI’s. Hernandez had five and got on base three times and Anderson had four.
Newcastle seemed to lose confidence as the game went on and recorded six errors in the second game. Three in the first almost put them in double figures for team errors.
“I feel like our team is getting better each week,” Lobos coach Mick Cochran said. “We have plenty to work on, but it was good for us to pick up a few wins. I like the way our young guys are developing, especially on the mound. As our confidence builds, I think we have a shot to be competitive.”


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