Lobos win one, lose one to Laramie

Noah Whitfield gets a single hit in the May 30 home game against the Laramie Deputies

WHEATLAND – The Laramie Deputies traveled to Wheatland to play against the 17U Lobos and won the first game quickly with a score of 17 – 1 in just four innings.
The second game was more of a battle. Laramie got on the board first with one run. But in the bottom of the first, Lobos scored five runs taking a commanding lead before having a batter strike out the third out.
Top of the second saw the first batter for Laramie hit a high ball to left field and was caught by Dustin Karr. Second and third batters got a walk to first from Lobo pitcher Ryland Petroski. Laramie stole a base to third and when the fourth hitter shot a grounder he made it home to get their second point on the board. Next batter walked but when another player tried to steal third he was stopped with a spot-on throw to the third baseman Copelin Vineyard. Pitcher Petroski then struck out another player making the third out.
Jake Hicks was up first and hit a single down the center line followed by Austin Warren with a double. Adam Suko had a hit that was caught, but Hicks was still able to run home. The final out was a strike out.
Third inning saw the first Deputies batter struck out for the first out. Second out was a throw out at first. Third out was a foul ball catch by catcher Hicks and the field switched over without a single Laramie player making it to a base.
First batter for Lobos struck out, but the second was hit with the ball and walked to first and he quickly stole to second. Next batter hit a grounder and was almost caught, but a throwing error kept him safe at first. Petroski tried to steal home but was tagged out in the slide. Last hitter was struck out without getting a run on the board.  
Fourth inning had the first Laramie batter walk to first base, but the second struck out. During the third batter the one on base stole second and third and the batter hit a bunt to make it to first base. Next batter walked and the bases were loaded with one out. Another walk and the Deputies score a forced run. Lobos switched to new pitcher Warren. The catcher missed a wild pitch and a runner scored a run. The new pitcher struck out the next batter but walked the next. A batter got in a good hit, but it was caught in left field causing the third out.
Hicks managed a double off a bunt hit. Warren bunted and was thrown out at first but succeeded in advancing Hicks to third. Strike out for the second out. Last out was a caught ball.
Fifth inning started strong with a single hit for Laramie and he had a steal to second soon after. The next batter walked, while the third struck out. A nice hit brought two home, but the third got tagged out. Yet another hit got a single on the base and another runner home making the score seven and taking their first lead of the game. The third out was a strike out and the Lobos are back at bat.
First batter struck out to get the first out of the fifth inning. Cross Hernandez had a hit, but was caught in far right field. Petroski hit a line drive down center field and made it to first base. Ora Borton hit to left field and was safe at first. Batter strikes out for the last out.
First batter walked in top of the sixth inning. Second batter had a hit to right field that was just barely missed, he made it to second and the first runner to third. Next batter’s hit was caught by Borton making the first out. Batter was hit in the back and walked to first. Bases loaded with one out. He ended up walking, forcing a run for Laramie. Lobos did another pitcher switch to Borton. Runner tried to steal home, but got tagged – even after running backwards and doing a back roll in the dirt. Another batter was walked and bases are loaded again, the third baseman tried to steal home and was tagged out in what the visiting team said was a bad call. A fan was kicked out of the stands by the umpire for his continued disgruntled comments.
Hicks hit one to the left and was caught for the first out. Warren is hit in the head and walks to first base. A strike out cleared the second out. Noah Whitfield had a strong hit and a throwing error to first allowed him to make it to second and the first runner made it home. The last out was a strike out.
Seventh and final inning saw the first up, strike out. Next had a hit, but was caught in left field, then there were two walks back to back. A hit bounced and the pitcher caught it and tagged the runner at first.  
Lobo Hernandez got a hit and multiple throwing mistakes meant he made it all the way to third. Next player bunted and made it to first. Hernandez managed to steal home during a foul play and tied the game. Borton hit a pop fly but the opposing side dropped it. Langdon Goodrich got a hit that brought the last runner home to win the game.
The next home game was on June 2 when the Lobos faced Cheyenne Prep where they lost the first three games, but won the last match up 13 –3 in five innings. They play against Casper at 5 and 7 p.m. on June 7.


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