Spending Time In Jail

Spending Time in Facebook Jail

Lockup is something many always hear about, but the majority never experience.

More and more people are going to jail. Certainly not the rioters and looters because we live in a society that not only fears them, but protects them. They arrest people who set down words of truth instead of heaving bricks through windows. They arrest them quite suddenly, and their lives then become very restricted and isolated. They can’t contact anyone; their rights are stripped and more often than not, depression sets in.

Others who participate in the melee seemed to get off scot free, but the ones who comment on the melee become the criminals.

Facebook Jail. “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen. Nobody knows but Jesus.”

But, oh, wait, even that song may be flagged, removed, censored and if you try to put it up, may win you an all-expenses paid trip to cellblock “FJ.”

Some have experienced the injustice. The lack of a trial. The inability to represent themselves in a Facebook court of law. And perhaps there is a method to the Zuckerville massacre.

Perhaps they see some who are highly addicted to their social media, and there needs to be a “timeout.”  Once you get people addicted to the drug, you can control them fairly easy. Perhaps they see that some who post in the community have such a strong voice that it may threaten their political and financial way of life. Perhaps they are afraid of others who have a powerful voice.

They post and support those who kneel on the throat of this country’s morals and ideals, but jail those who make comments. Allowing the actions, but jailing the words. Don’t look now folks, but that is a recipe for anarchy.

But maybe, just maybe this is beginning to be a wake-up call to people that are being thrown in jail for observing what is going on in the world and utilizing their freedom of speech to try to bring the country plumb. But they don’t want the bubble leveled.  They look to reward the extremes in their persuasion and their pursuit to bring down a democratic society.

What is a community that doesn’t and won’t adhere to the Constitution of the United States that affords each person the rights to speak their minds?

That type of censorship comes close to being communistic in its control. Almost like a nation that censors and funds the media which prints only things that terrorists want them to print. Eerily similar to the current media mob in America at this point in our history. If you haven’t been following history to this point, pick up a book and read the facts about finances controlling outcomes. And how is it that the terrorists have developed a frugality to store all that money? Simple. Because they know it will yield all that power.

We have brilliant minds in this country. Some who even frequent and comment at the Facebook community. Many are fed up with the Zuckerberg circus, and yet they are so connected that they cannot leave. Some feel that a partial voice is better than no voice at all, and so they submit to the extreme left and their double-standard of what is allowed and what is not.

As a newspaper we are challenging someone to step up. Begging someone to find a way.

The old adage is that everyone complains about the weather, but does nothing about it. Facebook is not an uncontrollable force of nature. If it cannot be in line with the principles set up in America, then people need to go back in time and remember what the early patriots did under British tyranny. They formed a “more perfect union.” Education comes from history. Wonder why they are trying to scrub the past? Because the forefathers developed a template and a plan. The radical organizations are successfully removing the history and the education that is needed to address the problems in America right now. If they can keep a society ignorant, they can control it.

Where is the one who is going to create a new Facebook nation? Let Facebook crash and burn, but surely there is a mind that is sharp enough to create another nation. A new nation that is more powerful than the tyrannical forces of Zuckerville who think that people can’t live without them. Who assume that they can continue to beat the blind sheep who are following without an option.

We need another social media option. Where is the new nation with a more perfect union and why hasn’t it been created yet?

Jesus called the pharisees and Sadducees “a generation of vipers,” and then called them the spawn of Satan… Had Facebook been around at that time he would have been jailed immediately. We’re just sayin. 

This will be posted on Facebook. It will be removed. And we will go to jail. Death. Taxes. And now, Facebook jail for speaking the truth.


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