Play held in ‘found’ space, new theater company

Braiden Denny and Brooke May performing in, “Memory Garden.”

WHEATLAND – Mystic Productions LLC held its first performance at Dance Wyoming last weekend. Mark Sharf’s “Memory Garden,” directed by Merlin Hitt.
The short one-act play starred Wheatland High School senior Brooke May and Braiden Denny, a junior at the University of Northern Colorado studying meteorology. The play dealt with grief, remorse and acceptance. Matthew Wilhelm assisted with technical aspects.
Mystic Productions is a new project for Wheatland’s Hitt. Hitt is a long-time contributor to the Platte County Players and is the Co-director of the Wheatland High School Drama Club. He created his own theatre company so he could do performances that inspired him, but may not be something the Players or the high school would be interested in.
“I want to concentrate on doing plays in “found” spaces. Places not normally thought of for theatrical productions,” Hitt explained. “The Players have held some successful runs in some of these places. Like “Murder in the Cathedral” in the All Saints Episcopal Church a few years ago. That sort of thing.”
He personally asked May and Denny to play the parts as he had worked with them before through the high school drama club. Denny was in town over the holidays so that is when they had their rehearsals.
He has ideas for what his next project will be, but nothing concrete. The next High School production will be, “Enchanted April,” and will be held March 26 and 27 at the High School auditorium.


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