Platte County Agriplex had plenty of firepower at the annual gun show

Wheatland resident and gunsmith Al Teel had his guns and ammunition for sale at the June weekend gunshow at the Platte County Agriplex. The show was hosted by the Wyoming Sportsman’s Gun Show Circuit and run by John and Cindy Taylor.

WHEATLAND – The Wyoming Sportsman’s Gun Show Circuit (WSGS) visted the Platte County Agriplex May 21-22 and hosted a gun show that boasted 21 vendors, wall-to-wall guns and ammunition and hundreds of gun enthusiasts.

The Agriplex opened the doors to exhibitors who came in May20 and began to set up for the Saturday show.

“I’ve been running this show for five years,” said John Taylor who organized the gun show and is a former resident of Lusk, Wyoming. “The Wyoming Sportsmen have been running the show since 2008. Before that, under a different name it’s been going on since the early ‘90s.”

There were rifles, pistols, antique guns and boxes and boxes of ammunition.

“See all those boxes over there?” said local gunsmith Al Teel who had a massive display of guns set up and pointed to 12 Rubbermaid bins of ammunition. “We just don’t have enough room to set it all out.”

This was the first time that this particular gun show was at the Agriplex in three years due to COVID in 2020 and the building still under construction in 2021. Prior to 2020, the show was held in the old 4-H building.

“It’s really nice in the new venue,” Taylor said. “As of right now I live in my RV and travel around with this gun show. The biggest challenge with a show of this size is getting the vendors in here. We have to find the vendors to fill the venue. We have to abide by all federal, state and local laws for the guns.”

The question was brought up as to how fast people could get handguns.

“You can get handguns here,” Taylor said. “The way the federal statute is written, in Wyoming, a private sale is a private sale, so you can buy guns here. But if it’s a new gun, you have to go through the 4473 and do the federal background check and all that.”

Taylor runs 11 gun shows per year and gun shows run all year long.

Each vendor not only sold guns, but were also advertising and helping other events get their information out.

Teel had fliers at his booth that helped the Laramie Peak Fire Zone Foundation promote their Buffalo Hunt Raffle with the chance to win a buffalo hunt at Twin Pines Ranch. The drawing for this raffle is set for September 21 and people can call (307) 322-5650 to purchase tickets and garner more information.