Melanie Stoll treks off on The World Race

Last summer, Melanie Stoll (father Wade of Stoll’s Taxidermy; mother Rosetta of The Wild Whisk) began her quest to go on an 11-month trek with The World Race, a missionary organization based in Atlanta. After earning the more than $17,000 she needed to provide pay for travel, lodging and food, this North Carolina transplant left Wyoming and the U.S. on quite an adventure. 

You may read her blog at if you’d like to follow along and look at photos she has posted there. For those who don’t have access to the Internet, below are excerpts of what she has blogged so far. Once the column is caught up on the dated submissions, her blog will be run here as they come in so anyone who is interested can keep up with the young lady’s adventure.

This is part one of an ongoing series chronicling Stoll’s travels.

Oct. 6 – When I first started raising funds for the World Race, I sent up a prayer asking for a visual sign that this trip was something I was supposed to do. …Two days after I put in my request to heaven, I checked my funding status and I had sky rocketed from 20% funded to 60%. Well, there was the visual sign I asked for. …The support has not stopped and I am thankful to say that I am 100% funded for the 11 months I will be gone. I can’t express my thanks enough to the Lord and everyone who has stepped forward and helped me out along the way.

Oct. 10 – Faith over Fear 

I am sitting in New York on a 13-hour layover with my 19 squad mates and two squad leaders. Everyone is exhausted, but spirits are high and we are all super pumped to get to our destinations and get this show on the road.

We were asked to document our emotions; usually I would avoid this topic, but this time, it is easy. At first, I thought I had no emotions with leaving because I wasn’t freaking out or second guessing myself. Of course, I have some sadness of leaving the big skies of “WyHoming” and the people I love. On the other hand, I am so excited to see the big sky of Africa and to meet new people to love. Typically, I am a worrier so I definitely believe the Lord has replaced the fear and anxiety I would normally have with a sense of peace and calmness. This alone is another obvious sign to me that I am on the path that He wants me to be on at this moment of
my life.

A lot of people have told me I’m “crazy,” or I’m so much braver than they ever could be. Ya’ll, this is what happens when you put faith over fear. You could be “crazy” too and the Lord can give you the courage He is giving me. I’m not perfect and I won’t be perfect when I get back, but I’m going all in this next year, and I don’t plan on coming home the same person I am right now.

I pray: my voice will impact the lives of many; my eyes will always see the good in other people; my ears will hear the cry of the lost; my hands will wipe the tears of the broken; my feet will always walk in faith. Most of all I pray that my heart breaks for what breaks His.

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