Fracturing an amendment

Mark DeLap's weekly column "In The Wind"

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

An amendment that has been taken so far away from original intent that if our forefathers had the ability to see into future America, they would have put their own eyes out.

The Constitution of the United States was finely crafted, thread by thread so that it would read as a seamless and a timeless testimony to the price that had been paid against tyranny. It represented not only a new beginning, but was also meant to serve as a lasting guide to future steps we would take as a country.

The Constitution was meant to be read as a single thought. An inseparable document of freedom.

It was lofty, written not as they had already attained, but more of an ideal and a standard that they would hope America could grow into. A nation, under God. Under ONE God. No matter how many want to suppose what they meant to say. We must remember that the country at that time had fought long and hard on the battlefield of history itself to come forth as a new nation.

Have you ever tried to birth a nation? Good luck.

They were so respecting and grateful because of what they had just come through. Memories of family members maimed, missing and dead. On a good day, they wondered how they were going to get through.

But the backbone of their new nation was their God. These were people of prayer who had been granted a new spirit of hope. Beaten up for generations, they found the courage to break out and go forth. They were not perfect. They didn’t have all the answers. They fell short in many of the personal areas of their lives. And thus… they prayed.

They freely admitted that they needed a helper.

Today, people have all the answers. They don’t need God. They think themselves smart enough to find all the solutions. They find the loopholes in the Constitution and the ideals and the original concepts. They are as finely trained medical examiners, cutting a whole heart into sections and ducts and valves and muscle and tissue.

And for all they know about dissection, they wonder why, after they are done, it doesn’t beat.

America is dying from a broken heart and wonders why. It does not realize that each time they burn a flag or fist the national anthem or find another loophole to defend themselves in a country they do not love, they are doing it while hiding behind a constitution that protects them.


The only thing that protects them is a document from a nation they despise. Not only despising the nation, but disrespecting all those who died defending their country and ensuring tomorrow for their families.

These were the true martyrs, dying for what they believed in. They actually “got it” when it came to things like honor and integrity and valor and courage and love.

And then there were ones with that same character who didn’t die. Those who had to live with the scars and the memories of war.


Some dead, some alive, gave themselves for all of us. As opposed to one who stands for opposition and loopholes that defend their pitiful and ignorant arrogance.

We who love this country will stand united as we traditionally do at the end of each May. We will stand, we will salute, we will sing aloud, we will lift our voices to renew our pledge to honor what we were given as a new nation 246 years ago this July fourth.

We will put our hands over our own hearts and pray that the heart of America will be healed. That it will be whole. That it will have the strength to continue writing pages of history as the United. States of America.