Council Approves Three Propositions

Council Approves Three Propositions 
by Regen Ainley

Staff writer

WHEATLAND – The monthly Wheatland Town Council convened on Monday evening. Tracy DeRyk, addressed the Council with an Economic Wellness Report. She found that June utility users and construction permits have risen. There are fewer houses on the market in Wheatland this month. Open jobs listed with the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services halved between May and June (from around 1600 to 800, although this may not be an indicator of higher employment, as employers may have removed their listings). Tracy noted that Platte County Memorial Hospital has been successful in obtaining local nurses and reducing their dependency on traveling RNs.
DeRyk reported on the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s (WYDOT) skepticism about National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) charging station plans. The US Department of Transportation wants NEVI charging stations built across every 50 miles of highway. DeRyk pointed out that, in states like Wyoming, there often aren’t towns within 50 miles of one another. WYDOT finds that one charging station will cost between $600,000 and $1 million dollars. The NEVI program wants 4 charging stations at each site. WYDOT is doubtful about the prospects of the program, Tracy reported, and is not planning on building NEVI stations. Due to this, the Federal Government is attempting to incentivize municipalities and private entities to build NEVI stations by splitting costs, with the Federal Government offering to meet up to 80% of expenses. WYDOT is going to proceed with putting out requests for proposals, as federal mandate requires, but is not anticipating any public or private interest in construction.

Ordinance #843, a franchise agreement with Mountain West Technologies, carried unanimously.
Resolution #08-2023 carried unanimously and allows three propositions to be included on November 7th’s special election ballot. Voters will be asked to vote on excise tax to be raised for county, parks/recreation, and municipal projects. The Platte County proposition, for work to be done on the County Courthouse (and other county-owned facilities) would collect $4,250,000 in taxes. The Platte County Parks Recreation District Project proposal would collect $10,500,000 for “the planning, design, construction, and equipping of a facility to provide recreation, wellness, fitness and a healthy lifestyle.” Finally, the Municipal Projects proposition would collect $10,150,000 for town projects in Chugwater, Glendo and Hartville.

A $623,000 grant agreement for the engineering of the Black Water Mountain Tower carried unanimously. In addition, a wastewater grant agreement for the 16th Street Project was approved by all members.
A snow removal equipment bid from Scott’s Equipment was rejected by the Town Council as it did not meet specifications.
TAP Grant Resolutions #09-2023 and #10-2023, for the addition of two pathway segments, was approved unanimously by the Council.
The next council meeting is scheduled for 8/14 at 7:00pm. A recording of this Town Council meeting is available at