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Wyoming must take a measured approach when considering property tax

WYOMING — As the 67th Legislature once again considers Wyoming residential property tax proposals in the 2024 Budget Session; it is my hope that they will take into consideration all the contributing factors of the property tax system and the local services it provides. Any changes in the property tax system must provide immediate and targeted relief with a measured approach.... more

Cyber safety for seniors in Wyoming

WYOMING — A caring reminder comes from central Wyoming, where an elderly resident unintentionally shared her Social Security Number and/or Medicare number over the phone. This incident occurred late on a Friday afternoon, a time when banks were closed, amplifying concerns about potential risks that could unfold over the weekend.... more


30x30 agenda puts ag land in danger

WHEATLAND — In the name of conservation, climate change, population control, and alternate energy sources, the livelihood and very fabric of ag and ranch communities are at stake, according to Jerry Cundall, lifelong rancher, Platte County resident, and chairman of the Platte County Republican Party. ... more

Bobbi Barrasso, wife of US Senator John Barrasso dies after two-year brain cancer battle

CASPER — “After a courageous battle with cancer, Bobbi is now at peace and at home with the Lord,” US Senator (R) John Barrasso said in a statement on Thursday, January 25, one day after his wife Bobbi’s passing. Barrasso also added that Bobbi was a leader and fierce advocate for Wyoming. ... more


Degenfelder outlines plan for library book limitations

CHEYENNE — Wyoming’s top education official announced a policy recommendation intended to address concerns around the state about “graphic, sexually arousing material” that she said “has no place in school.”... more


Wyoming sees solid growth in jobs, payroll

CHEYENNE — The Research & Planning Section of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services reported Friday that from second quarter 2022 to second quarter 2023, total employment in the state rose by 6,814 jobs (2.5%), and total payroll increased by $266.8 million (7.2%).... more


Laramie man arrested for felony eluding, other charges

LARAMIE — A local man is currently in custody and facing charges of felony eluding, theft of a vehicle, three charges of auto burglary, possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine and marijuana), reckless driving and driving on a suspended license, according to a Laramie Police Department news release. ... more


State Supreme Court: District Court should have returned man’s possessions

CHEYENNE — The Wyoming Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in favor of a Cheyenne man who pleaded guilty to assault against his father, saying that he was allowed to ask a district court to return his possession after his case concluded.... more