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  • Be quiet

    Life is a journey and every day we have many decisions to make. We want to make the correct decisions, and to make them accord to what the Bible says.

  • The first step to an exciting life

    It’s so amazing to me that God wants to be involved in every area of our lives. I remember when I got this revelation, and it changed my life.

  • One surefire way to love your life

    If someone asked you if you love your life, what would you say? It seems most people would say they don’t love their life. But as believers in Christ, we can learn to love the life we have.

  • Turmoil or peace?

    We are living in very exciting times, especially for Christians.

  • Make your life a life that you love!

    How do you feel about your life? Would you say you love it? Or do you just get through each day, enduring the things you don’t want to do, putting up with the things that frustrate you, wishing you had someone else’s life?

  • Baus advises reader troubled by hatred

    Dear Judy, I hear people in my church saying, “Peace be with you.” Living in this upside down world, I wonder what that statement really means.

  • Peace!

    So many people are stressed and anxious about life. Sad to say even Christians! Followers of Christ should not handle life and its issues the same as an unbeliever.

  • Feelings: friend or foe?

    I’ve learned from experience that feelings are fickle. One day they can be up, one day they can be down, and other days they are just all over the place!

  • Food for Thought

    I want us to think about how blessed we are and all that God has done for us as children of God. But how can we prevent the world and all its terrible stuff from robbing us of our blessings and peace?

  • Growing in Christ – little by little

    I often teach on a variety of subjects, but I believe my primary calling is to help Christians grow up and mature in Christ and really begin to enjoy the great life He has in store for them.

  • Reader concerned for brother’s salvation

    Dear Judy, I’ve been praying for my brother’s salvation for many years. My mom prayed for him before she passed away. He seems to be getting further from believing in Jesus. I don’t understand the place of prayer and free will. How can my brother’s mind change to start believing something he thinks is a myth? I love my brother. He is getting old and I’m concerned for his salvation.

  • The dangers of doubt

    God loves boldness and He wants us to be confident of His love for us. He wants us to know without a doubt that we are made right with Him through the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross—especially on those days when we feel unworthy of His love.

  • Exercising—Yuck or Yeah?

    I have given much thought to exercise lately. I joined a fitness center which has some wonderful classes. The trainer is excellent making sure during that all the students are doing all the different moves correctly. Each class is an hour long and we work at our own pace and ability. It has amazed me how much, in just 3 weeks, it has helped in my balance, stress, and energy level.

  • Living by faith in the face of fear

    Do you ever wonder what your life would look like if fear didn’t exist? For example, what if you had the confidence to pursue every passion God gave you? Just imagine for a moment what that would look like. Well, God gives us a special gift called faith so we can do amazing things for Him. And I want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and exercise that gift full time.

  • Every day with purpose

    The days seem to fly by. When I get up in the morning, if I am not focused on what I need to accomplish, it does not get done.

  • Conquer your sin problem

    Many years ago, when the Lord first called me into ministry, I felt Him prompting me to quit smoking. I had smoked since I was nine years old, and frankly, I liked it. My flesh did not want to quit smoking…and it was hard.

  • True or not?

    If we are a member of the body of Christ, we must be very aware of what our lifestyle is showing to those on the outside of the family of God.

  • What’s your ‘one thing’?

    When it comes to your relationship with God, how do you rate it? Do you judge it by how often you go to church? Or how many Scripture verses you’ve memorized…maybe the length of your prayer time? Does any of that really matter?

  • The power of intimacy with God

    Years ago, when I was just learning how to develop a personal relationship with God, I had a lot of problems. I was a mess because of the abuse I had experienced growing up. As a result, I was insecure, unstable, unhappy most of the time, and I got angry whenever things didn’t go my way.

  • Reader has question for Judy Baus about working out salvation

    Dear Judy I have heard many different things concerning working out my salvation. When I was born again I received salvation which is free because of Jesus, so what is this working out? What does this mean?

  • How expectations make or break a marriage

    My husband, Dave, and I have been married over 50 years, and I can honestly say we have a great marriage. But it didn’t start out that way. Like many people, I learned that it takes effort and a willingness to let God change us if we’re going to have a healthy marriage. One of the most important things we can do is examine our expectations.

  • Keep moving – even in the face of fear

    God has a good plan for your life, and He doesn’t want you to be tormented by fear or let it hold you back from your destiny. His will is for you to walk forward, confident in His love, trusting Him to take care of you all along the way.

  • The power of a renewed mind

    Over the years, God has taught me so many great lessons from His Word, and one of the revelations that’s impacted my life the most has to do with our thoughts.

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