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  • Christ in us must shine from us

    Do we really understand that if we are followers of Christ we are no longer at the mercy of the hostile environment of sin, that we are made alive to the power and life of the Lord Himself?! The Lord provides instructions in His Word and we live under His grace.

  • Refuse to live in fear

    It’s amazing how many things people can be afraid of. There’s the fear of sickness, job loss, failure, commitment, and public speaking. Some people are afraid of things like taking tests, swimming, animals, insects, heights or even what the future holds—and the list goes on!

  • Have peace in the midst of life’s storms

    In Acts 27 (AMP), there’s a great story about the apostle Paul. He was travelling by ship with some people when “a violent wind…[a northeaster, a tempestuous windstorm like a typhoon], came rushing down from the island” (v. 14).

  • Reader anxious

    Dear Judy, I am single and I have no children. I am not young but not old either. I like my life but I often get caught up in what will happen to me when I cannot take care of myself.

  • Breaking up with worry

    Worrying is a natural response in many situations, and I’ve wasted many days getting caught up in it. I thought that was a normal way to live. But through the years, God has helped me end my relationship with worry. And He did it with the help of my husband, Dave.

  • Pope: Peace document still relevant

    By Hannah Brockhaus Catholic News Agency VATICAN CITY — Speaking about St. Pope John XXIII’s encyclical on establishing universal peace, Pacem in terris, Pope Francis said that even 55 years after its publication, the document still stands as “a permanent commitment” to peace.

  • Keys to a healthy self-image

    What is your attitude toward yourself? Do you like yourself?

  • Tribulation comes to all

    Everyone I talk with these days has some kind of issue going on in his or her life.

  • Baus writes on prayer

    I do believe as followers of Christ we need to rethink how we pray, when we pray, and why we pray. Every Christian has been given instruction that prayer changes things, so we should be praying all the time, and we are to pray according to the Word of God which is the will of God. If we understand that prayer changes things, then we should be so very thankful we have this most precious privilege!

  • How bright is your light?

    A few years ago, I reached a point where I was feeling weary…tired of the world around me…tired of doing the same thing all the time. I’ve been doing this a long time, and my passion and zeal for the call of God on my life was gone.

  • Make every day a celebration

    How often do you celebrate events or achievements in your life? Is celebration something you only think about during holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or other significant times of life?

  • Reader endorses prayer

    Dear Judy, A Christian friend called me last night to see how I was doing. I told her I’d been to the Emergency Room and I was quite sick. She asked if there was anything she could do for me. I really didn’t need anything so I said, “Yes, please pray for me. That would be the best thing you could do for me.” Before we had finished talking, she said at least twice more how she sure wishes she could do something to help me. I said, “You are if you’ll pray for me.” My question to you is, Don’t people believe in prayer anymore? That is the most powerful thing a friend can do for another friend, to pray for them. But I felt she wasn’t even hearing me.

  • The amazing benefits of living by faith

    What is faith? And what does it look like to actually live by faith? These are important questions, because we receive and experience the blessings God has for us through faith.

  • Extremes in seasons . . . and in life

    I love to watch the seasons change, but growing up in California I never saw severe changes in the seasons that my husband Vic saw growing up in Wheatland, Wyoming! Have you noticed, though, that all over our nation, the weather patterns are changing drastically? So many people are suffering from extreme weather! But then we are seeing extreme in every phase of life now. We see such harsh violent crimes here and all over the world.

  • Dull or sharp —our choice!

    I ask myself what is the opposite of sharp? Dull!

  • How effective is your faith?

    Faith in God is a foundational principle of the Bible. It’s the key to experiencing the promises we find in God’s Word.

  • Be quiet

    Life is a journey and every day we have many decisions to make. We want to make the correct decisions, and to make them accord to what the Bible says.

  • The first step to an exciting life

    It’s so amazing to me that God wants to be involved in every area of our lives. I remember when I got this revelation, and it changed my life.

  • One surefire way to love your life

    If someone asked you if you love your life, what would you say? It seems most people would say they don’t love their life. But as believers in Christ, we can learn to love the life we have.

  • Turmoil or peace?

    We are living in very exciting times, especially for Christians.

  • Make your life a life that you love!

    How do you feel about your life? Would you say you love it? Or do you just get through each day, enduring the things you don’t want to do, putting up with the things that frustrate you, wishing you had someone else’s life?

  • Baus advises reader troubled by hatred

    Dear Judy, I hear people in my church saying, “Peace be with you.” Living in this upside down world, I wonder what that statement really means.

  • Peace!

    So many people are stressed and anxious about life. Sad to say even Christians! Followers of Christ should not handle life and its issues the same as an unbeliever.

  • Feelings: friend or foe?

    I’ve learned from experience that feelings are fickle. One day they can be up, one day they can be down, and other days they are just all over the place!

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