Legal Notices

Public Notice No. 10348

UNAPPROVED RECORD OF PROCEEDINGSFOR THE GOVERNING BODY OF THE TOWN OF WHEATLAND A regular meeting of the Council for the Town of Wheatland, Platte County, and State of Wyoming was held at Town Hall on Monday, November 12, 2018 pursuant to the law. Mayor Pro-Tem Madsen called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. The following were present at roll call:... more


Public Notice No. 10347

COUNTY COMMISSIONERS-December 4, 2018-Wheatland,WY The regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners was called to order at 9:00 a.m. with the following present: Steve Shockley, Chairman; Eric D. Johnston, Commissioner; and Chris Kanwischer, County Clerk. Commissioner Kontour called in to the meeting. Commissioner Kontour moved and Johnston seconded to approve the agenda. The motion carried. The minutes from the last regular meeting were approved as presented. Commissioner Johnston moved and Kontour seconded to approve the vouchers as presented. The motion carried. ... more


Public Notice No. 10346

TAKE NOTICE that Phyllis Johnson, Dave Berg, Dan Berg, Tom Berg, and Terry Berg have filed a Petition for Summary Distribution of Real Property and Application for Decree Pursuant to W.S. §2-1-205, W.S. (Lexis/Nexis 2012) as amended, in the matter of the estate of Geraldine Jean Berg, wherein it is alleged that:... more


Public Notice No. 10345

The Wyoming Public Service Commission (Commission) approved the Application of Black Hills Gas Distribution, LLC d/b/a Black Hills Energy (BHE or the Company) to pass on to its Pass-On Rate [Regulated Rate] Option customers in the Torrington Division a net increase of $0.0254 per therm, effective on and after December 1, 2018. The Commission’s approval is subject to notice, protest, intervention, refund, change, further investigation, opportunity for hearing and further order of the Commission.... more


Public Notice No. 10344



Public Notice No. 10343

November 20, 2018- Wheatland,WY-The regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners... more


Public Notice No. 10340

Application for a Subdivision... more


Public Notice No. 10339



Public Notice No. 10338

Pursuant to the Wyoming Administrative Procedure Act and the Wyoming Public Service Commission’s (Commission) Rules... more


Public Notice No. 10337

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Platte County Board of County Commissioners is soliciting nomination petitions for Directors... more


Public Notice No. 10335

The Town of Glendo will accept sealed bids... more