Yoga studio comes to Wheatland

Gwendolyn Bolin teaches a Beginning Yoga class at Laramie Peak Yoga located on South Street in Wheatland.

WHEATLAND – Gwendolyn Bolin and her daughter Savannah have just opened up a yoga studio on South Street.
Mother and daughter spent most of last year getting certified to teach Yoga at Blossom Yoga in Cheyenne. They needed 200 hours of yoga instruction to be certified and they spent multiple weekends and evenings around their daytime work schedule to accomplish it, earning their certification last April and opening up Laramie Peak Yoga in July.
They studied posturing, poses, anatomy and what yoga is - the philosophy.
“There are a lot of different aspects to yoga, more than I thought there were,” said Gwendolyn with excitement. “Every ‘body’ can do yoga, no matter how old or young. It helps with joints, flexibility, circulation and relaxation.”
She explained how she discovered yoga for herself many years ago and how it helped her de-stress from work. She wanted to bring that to Wheatland.
“Most of our clients are dealing with our bodies getting older and changing. So a lot of the classes we teach focus on that,” Gwendolyn said. “You’re never too old to start yoga.”
Savannah and her mother offer different types of classes to answer the call of what people need. They offer a Hips and Shoulders class that really works the joints that helps with mobility.
If a student has trouble getting to the ground, they teach chair yoga - doing exercises while seated on a chair. The muscles strengthen gradually without causing harm or stress.
The team also teaches a Beginner’s Yoga workshop. The six-week class breaks down postures and the essential moves you would probably do in any yoga class. The goal is the teach proper alignment so participants do not hurt themselves. This class is more about learning than a normal yoga class. Time is taken to help people who may be struggling with a move and teaching about how their muscles work. They like to teach together so everyone gets the individual instruction they need. The next Beginner’s workshop with start in January.
Their Facebook page has their current schedule. Attendees should wear comfortable clothing, no jeans, bring a mat and a water bottle. They provide everything else - various props and tools, soft music, dim lights, expertise and a welcoming spirit.
“We realize that people may be a little apprehensive about trying something new. The Beginner’s class is good for that, everyone is starting from scratch,” Gwendolyn said with understanding. “Like any exercise you have to do it a few times to really know if it’s beneficial and working for you.”


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