Year in Review

Josie Lauck is the Platte County Home Administrator and was present for the very first vaccine administered Jan. 27.

Legacy Home creates new activity

WHEATLAND – Everyone is hoping for a new normal in 2021 with the discovery and administering of the COVID vaccine.

Nursing homes and assisted care facilities were among the first to receive the vacccinations and according to Jodie Lauck, Platte County Legacy Home Administrator, the first vaccine was administered Jan. 27 and the second booster was administered last week.

“We’re not totally free and clear,” Lauck said. “What we’re hearing is we’re still going to have to wear surgical masks and that’s because it’s not completely known how it’s transmitted. For instance, if you are vaccinated, can you still transmit the virus.”

The nursing homes also have to be a little careful as not all visitors may have opted for the vaccination. The elderly have been quarantined through the holidays which made it hard for them and their families. The morale after almost a year has not been good according to Lauck.



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