Wyoming State Chariot Races

Guernsey’s Roy Morgan participated in the Wyoming State Chariot Races March 6-7 in Glendo at Horseshoe Valley. Morgan raced two different teams of horses in the finals and he had one first place finish and one second place finish.

GLENDO – Here are the results of the Wyoming State Chariot Races Championships held at Glendo this last weekend. This list includes the names of the horse, owners, and the drivers. The time is the total of both races.
Division 1
1.  Sagebrush #1                                          
     BF Candy Cartel & Serenghetti                                   
     Owner: Roy & Sis Morgan from Guernsey, Wy                                 
     Driver: Roy Morgan          
     Total time 44.82 seconds
2.  Just Off Brothers           
     TLF Just Fittin In  &  Just a Skirt Chaser
     Owner: James Olguin  
     Driver: James Olguin  
     Total time 45.20 seconds  

3.  Demler/ Newman/ Skelley     
     Country Flyboy  &  Mister Fun On The Run
     Owners Mike Newman & Lara Skelley  
     Driver Mike Newman  
     Total time 45.55 seconds  
Division 2
1.  Boys Comin In Hot
     Dangit &  Dr. Dredge
     Owner Donnie & Sherri Wheeler  
     Driver Rod Parkinson  
     Total time 45.60 seconds

2. Sagebrush Motel #2                                             
    JJ's Dashing Now  & Stormy's Rylynn Jo                                               
    Owner Roy & Sis Morgan                                   
    Driver Roy Morgan  
    Total time 45.65 seconds

3.  Dads Bar & Steakhouse                                         
    Harley &  Little Man                                                                                                                     
    Owner Morgan/ Giles                                         
    Driver Clay Giles                                                   
    Total time 45.74 seconds
Division 3
1.  Childrens Inheritance
     Senor Bugs &  Shake N Bake
     Owner Stretch & Dawn Austin  
     Driver Stretch Austin
     Total time 45.86 seconds

2.  HLH Nelson Quarter Horses
     Almost Corona & Miss Jael
     Owner Tom & Misty Nelson
     Driver Tom Nelson
    Total time 46.61 seconds

3.  Horse Creek Express        
     Goody Goody Goody &  Cowboys Runner                
     Owners  John & Leilani Williams
     Driver  John Williams
     Total time 47.75 seconds
Division 4
1.  TM Jacks Brats
      Bash's Shadow &  The Boomer Special
      Owner Tom Nelson
      Driver Jen Barber
      Total Time 48.08 seconds
2.  Equine Addiction                                                                                                
    Noble Sheik &  Fling N Haul                                                                                                                                                      Owner Stretch & Dawn Austin                                                                              
    Driver Jackson Newman
    Total time 48.41 seconds                     



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