Woman charged after allegedly stabbing boyfriend

LARAMIE (WNE) — A Laramie woman has been charged with second-degree attempted murder after stabbing her boyfriend on Christmas Eve.

The victim was taken to Ivinson Memorial Hospital and given stitches for his wounds, which all were sustained on his right arm.

Fifty-year-old Terry Goodman was also charged with aggravated assaultand battery and domestic battery.

Amber Ferguson, an officer at the Laramie Police Department, was dispatched to the Motel 8 on Boswell Drive shortly after 9 p.m. on Monday after the incident.

Goodman acknowledged stabbing her boyfriend with a butcher knife because “he made her mad and always talked over her,” according to Ferguson’s affidavit.

“He called the police like a (obscenity) instead of letting me leave,” Goodman told the officer.

When Goodman was taken to the Albany County jail, she said the couple had been drinking and arguing throughout the evening.

Goodman said her boyfriend was upset she had visited her children for Christmas while he was not able to spend the holiday with his son anddidn’t have money for Christmas gifts.

Her boyfriend then offered to pay Goodman $200 if she’d leave the motel.

As he smoked a cigarette, Goodman grabbed a butcher knife and stabbed him three times in his right arm.

Goodman said the stabbing was not committed in self-defense. She said her boyfriend had cancer and “claimed to be dying.”

“She wanted to help him end it,” Ferguson’s affidavit states.

A person convicted of attempted second-degree murder can be sentenced to up to 20 years imprisonment.