Wheatland Town Council holds December meeting

The Wheatland Town Council held it's December meeting.

WHEATLAND – The Wheatland Town Council held its December meeting on the 13th from 7:00 p.m. to 9:10 p.m.

The Council meeting began with a Pledge of Allegiance followed by a roll call. Councilmen Bill Britz, Alan Madsen, Don Race, and Mayor Brandon Graves were in physical attendance. Councilman Tony Montoya was present via phone call.

The first orders of business were to approve the minutes of the last Town Council meeting on November 8 and to approve the agenda for the current meeting. Both motions passed unanimously five to zero.

The next time slot after the agenda was set aside for petitions, memorials, proclamations, and public comments. A private citizen raised a complaint that people were speeding along 16th Street and police were not enforcing the speed limit enough.

After petitions and other items, business which was unfinished was next to discuss. The first unfinished agenda item was concerning an agreement with Fire District F1 to finance the Wheatland Volunteer Fire Department.

The agreement which was presented during this meeting had some items changed from a previous version. Such items included expenses, taxes, insurance, and dispute resolution. After debate and clarification, the measure was voted for five to zero.

The other unfinished item was a report from Councilman Britz. Britz shared economic health and development trends for the town. These trends included new business creation, school enrollment, and building permits for family dwellings.

When unfinished business concluded, new business topics were discussed. There were eight total new business agenda items, and the first item was Ordinance 834.

Ordinance 834 was about amending the WMC Title 18. The purpose for the amendment was to address needs like combining industrial zones, special use permits, and concealing rubbish and certain equipment. The motion passed five to zero.

The second ordinance of the night was Ordinance 835. This ordinance was related to the issue of a land use district boundary change.

The measure would rezone the addresses of 1554 and 1556 Gilcrest Street from former residence to general business with a special permit area. Ordinance 835 was approved by a vote of four to one.

Ordinance 836 was the third and final ordinance for the council. It concerned the de-annexation of a piece of land from the town of Wheatland. After much discussion, the council rejected the motion, voting five to zero against it.

After the business with the ordinances were completed, the fourth new business item concerned the review and application and of a $32,000 Airport Rescue Grant agreement for Phifer Airfield. The agreement passed unanimously.

The final two items for the council meeting concerned the appointment of two new public officials. One nomination was for the planning and zoning commission, the other was for a judgeship. John Harris was nominated for judgeship and Clay Becker was nominated for the planning and zoning commission. Both appointments were approved five to zero in favor.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m. The next Town Council meeting will be January 10, 2022, at 7:00 p.m.