Wheatland teen hit by car

Chloe Carpenter

WHEATLAND – Chloe Carpenter, a freshman at Wheatland High School, was running with her cross country teammates in the early morning hours last Friday when a car struck her as she crossed South Street at 12th Street.
Coaches Joe Wilson and Sally Nichols were at her side immediately and an ambulance was called. Carpenter was first taken to the emergency room in Wheatland and then transferred to Cheyenne where she spent the night in Intensive Care for monitoring for a possible concussion. No bones were broken.
“It happend right as the sun was rising and I don’t think the driver could see her because of it,” explained Wilson. “He stopped right away and cooperated the entire time. Luke Anderson, a fellow runner, helped to direct traffic aound her.”
Wilson also talked about how high school students cross at that intersection at various times thoughout the day and evening for classes and sports practices. Perhaps a crosswalk should be installed to prevent future accidents.
“We’ve had the best outcome of a horrible situation,” Wilson added. “It weighs heavily on my mind to keep the kids safe when we are running. I’m really glad she’s going to be ok.”
Carpenter is home from the hospital and resting from her ordeal.


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