Wheatland student gets to perform with 67th Army Band

Wheatland High School student Bryley Waring is shown with her WHS band director Evan Bradley. Waring was selected to play with the 67 th Army Band in Wheatland, a band that Bradley is a member of.

WHEATLAND – As just a sophomore, Bryley Waring is an all-state golfer, runs cross-country and now add to her ever-growing resume, her talents as a musician earned her an invitation to be a guest trumpeter with the 67th Army band. 

She had the connection through her band director Evan Bradley who is not only the band director at Wheatland High School, but is also a member of the army ensemble.

"Playing with the 67th Army band was an amazing opportunity,” Waring said. “I have gotten to experience many things for only being a Sophomore in high school. For example, playing with many professional musicians, and even doing a performance with them at the Governor's Ball, in Cheyenne.”

One of the benefits of playing with the military was the use of the armory of instruments.

“I got the opportunity to use a trumpet from the armory,” she said. “It was cool because it was a better trumpet than the one that I have currently. And one of the fellow trumpeters gave me a mouthpiece to keep. This mouthpiece is of better quality than the one I have now. And I know that will be one of my fondest memories from there. This mouthpiece is a memento from the event as a whole, but also from an outstanding trumpet player, and person that I look up to greatly.”

Waring said that both the trumpet and mouthpiece were step ups from what she has been playing on for the past year.

Bradley who has molded the Bulldog band into a well-respected unit both on the march and in a concert setting has a way of not only finding, but developing talent. He has been a musician for the Wyoming Army National Guard since 2019.

“When I joined the Wyoming Army National Guard's Band back in September of 2019 I did so with the hope that I would get opportunities to serve my country, state, and community doing what I love,” Bradley said. “I also wanted to use the new connection to the Guard to help enrich the experiences of my students in the Wheatland Band Program. On a few occasions, members of the 67th Army Band came into my classrooms to perform for and work with my students but getting to have Bryley come to sit in with the 67th on an actual mission was very fulfilling.”

The Wyoming National Guard Band has a reputation for playing difficult pieces with cutting edge styles. To include a high school sophomore to play with professionals

“When my first line leader in the band asked me if I had any jazz trumpet players that would be capable of playing a mission with the band, I instantly thought of Bryley, my senior-most trumpet player in the WHS Jazz Band,” he said. “She is beyond her years as a musician, both on the trumpet, with singing, and a multitude of other instruments. Not only that, but Bryley is incredibly professional and respectful, which is very important when playing at such a high-profile event.”

Waring, known as an old soul and an innovator in music played to perfection with a style that wowed the professionals.

“Overall I think the best part of the whole thing was being able to play with a professional band, and seeing that it really isn't that different from now,” she said. “Obviously some things are different. The music is much harder, and they are adults. But it still consists of closely knit friendships and it is still a family. And being able to be a part of that family, even if it was only for a couple of days, was one of the best things in my life so far.”

In Bradley’s opinion, Waring played like a pro.

“The highlight of the weekend for me was when we were playing on Saturday night while the Officers and Senior Enlisted were dancing and the trumpets had a few beats of rest,” Bradley said. “Bryley looked back at me and smiled and I felt like we were both thinking about how amazing it was that student and teacher were making music together. Moving forward as a teacher and soldier in Platte County I hope that I can keep offering opportunities to my students like the one that Bryley had that weekend.”

As for Waring, it was a chance of a lifetime in a lifetime of chance. Only 15 years old, Waring’s talents are already opening doors for her and it seems that it will be the rhythm of her life.

“I am so thankful to have been able to do this with them, and I'd like to thank Mr. Bradley for that opportunity,” Waring said. “I will definitely cherish this amazing memory for years to come.”

It was famous trumpet player and singer Louis Armstrong who perhaps wrote his famous song for situations like this. “And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.”


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