Wheatland High School band performs final concert of the year

The WHS band gave its final performance of the year at the spring band concert. The band is under the direction of Evan Bradley. (photo courtesy of Jill Graves)

WHEATLAND -  The Wheatland bands gave their final concert performance in a year that was filled with music and challenges.

In a year when the band had to make due in the acoustically challenged Wheatland gymnasium as the high school auditorium is still being renovated, the band never disappointed nor did they cease to amaze the packed crowds that came and enjoyed the top-notch musical performances all year long.

The night provided a mix of tunes that spoke of the rebirth of spring and new beginnings and along with the bands, there was a special performance by Wheatland’s 67th Army National Guard Band who wowed the crowd with a special jazz tune featuring a dancing tubist. The members of the military band then mixed in and played along with the high school band.

“The Wheatland 6th-12th Grade Band Concert was a lot of fun and a big success,” WHS band teacher Evan Bradley said. “We had members of the Wyoming Army National Guard's 67th Army Band joining us to play for, and alongside the students.”

In addition to the musicians of the 67th being present, the Wyoming National Guard's Public Affairs Office was present and interviewed two WHS students for a video that is being put together. There were also two distinguished military guests in attendance at the concert: State Command Sergeant Major Lindsay Schmidt and the State Assistant Adjutant General, Brigadier General Eugene Alkire.

“The students did exceptionally well, even with the challenge of not having their teacher with them for three weeks while I was away for National Guard Training,” Bradley said. The night culminated with a performance by the Wheatland Monster Band which involved 123 musicians from 6th-12th grade as well as the Army National Guard Musicians.”

The Wheatland High School Band students performed music that they are preparing to perform at District Music Performance Assessment in Casper for a panel of adjudicators to be rated.

“It was also great to see such a big turnout from the community,” Bradley said.

The audience which consisted of faculty, administrators, parents and community members walked out of the gym buzzing with positive comments as Bradley who has never “phoned in” a performance with his student bands, once again put together something special and unique that most high schools will never get a chance to experience.

“We ended the day with Jessie‘s final band concert of the year,” said Jill Graves. “It was the final performance in the Gym, as our new auditorium will be completed this summer. We had a special treat as the 67th Army Band came to support our kids and our amazing WHS Band ‘Czar’, Mr. Bradley.”


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