Wheatland football grabs win by narrow margin

Adam Suko eludes a Glenrock pursuer during last Friday’s game.

GLENROCK – After a short rain delay, Friday’s football game in Glenrock started with a foreboding air as the Herders scored three touchdowns and the Bulldogs fumbled three times in the first quarter of the game.  
Early in the second quarter things started to look up for the Wheatland team. After the third fumble, The Herders were not able to progress far enough to keep the ball due to several penalties and the Bulldog defensive line. Once Wheatland regained the ball, impressive teamwork and on-point passing by quarterback Kade Preuit, including a 13-yard catch by Rodee Brow, had them in view of the end zone. A perfect pass from Preuit to his brother Kobey netted the first touchdown for the Wheatland team. Plus, the extra point was good.
The Herders gained possession of the ball but lost it quickly when Brow intercepted a pass and ran 20 yards back to the 38-yard line. In a following play, Adam Suko ran the ball for 32 yards for a touchdown.
Yet again the Herders were not able to progress the ball and Bulldogs were back on the offensive. A pass by the Preuit brothers had the ball inside the 15-yard line. On the next play, Kade appeared to try for a pass but couldn’t get a clear path. After avoiding being sacked twice with extraordinary footwork and maneuvering, he decided to run the ball himself getting inside the 5-yard-line before being stopped by the defense. Another Preuit brother pass and Bulldogs score again. At half time, Glenrock only topped the score by one point, 20-19.
Early in the second half, Herders weren’t able to move the ball and the Bulldogs took over. Jake Hicks caught a 30-yard pass that had the team in scoring vicinity quickly. Another pass completion to Brow brought them to the 7-yard-line and Suko ran the ball for the touchdown and the lead. The Herders came close to scoring when a Glenrock player had a breakaway run, but he was eventually caught and tackled by Brow after a 40-yard run. At the end of the third quarter, the score was 27-20 with Bulldogs ahead.
The Herders got some momentum in the last quarter and scored a touchdown with the conversion bringing the score in their favor at 28-27. The Bulldogs would not let that score stand and managed another touchdown with a run play by Kade and a successful pass caught by Hicks and a two-point conversion catch by Kobey. Wheatland took the lead again.
Glenrock did not give up the game. They discovered that their players were somewhat bigger than the Bulldogs and they scored their next touchdown by pushing their way through the Wheatland defensive line with sheer force and determination gaining yardage bit by bit. While they brought the score to just one point away with seconds left on the clock, they were not able to complete the conversion, handing the Bulldogs a 35-34 victory..
Homecoming is this weekend with a football game against Burns at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 27.


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