Western Coffee to honor National Coffee Day

Emmi Reinke is an employee at Western Coffee in Wheatland. In honor of national coffee day, the business is doing a one-day only donation event. All cups of coffee on Sept. 29 are donation only.

WHEATLAND - In honor of national coffee day which is Sept. 29, Western Coffee Company will be doing a one-day donation only event.

“We here at Western Coffee, love coffee and our community,” Western Coffee owner Becky Hilty said. “Last year, this idea was conceived and planned the night before national coffee day. This is our second year doing this and we are looking forward to seeing how the community steps up again.”

Last year WC was able to raise over $3,000 all of which was donated, and this year the company is looking forward to another great year. All drinks are by donation only, and all of the proceeds go toward education in Platte County.

“This year we are supporting three different avenues of education,” Hilty said. “The first is a scholarship fund for Platte County public school teachers to be able to get items for their classroom. This fund was set up so that teachers had opportunities to acquire needed items for educational purposes without dipping into their own pocketbooks when the school budget was not able to provide.

“The second place we are helping is with Valor Community Institute, a Christian private school that is into their second year. They are in need of books to help their reading library grow. The third place we are helping is the home-school program run by Cindy Eaton and Robyn Fincher.”

Western Coffee will be helping VCI be able to buy items for their craft, gym and music programs.

“We already have several great businesses helping with donation,” Hilty said. “So, if you are a business and interested in helping to donate to great education here in Platte County please stop by to inquire how you can help. All donations will be given away in their entirety.”

To speak with Becky Hilty, you can call 307-331-9888.


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