Western Building Supply expands to offer jobs and services

The building supply company is building for itself. Western Building Supplies is expanding its wood truss manufacturing to a new location just north of the city transfer station by what was the old landfill.

WHEATLAND – Although many companies are struggling at this time, Western Building Supply (WBS) here in Wheatland is expanding.
The company is adding on to its truss manufacturing capabilities--17 people total and three to four full-time people on the truss side, plus a delivery driver. The company can build and deliver trusses up to 86’ long at the moment and that will increase to 110’ at the new facility which will make it the largest in this region for truss construction capability.
Possibly five new jobs will be created/added at the new facility as well as adding a post-column laminating machine for post-frame building posts. This will increase the company’s standing as an all-inclusive post-frame kit supplier as well as address an industry.
Currently, WBS stands largely alone in the field of manufacture and supply of trusses, metal roofing products and soon to be laminated columns in this region. Most suppliers buy from wholesalers, place their markup on the product and resell it. WBS takes the approach of manufacturing the components that largely cause delays and have quality issues. From its own semis to haul the freight from places like Chicago and the midwest, to the delivery of the completed product, WBS seeks to control as much of the process as possible to control quality, service, timeline and cost.
WBS’s new truss facility is a natural expansion of its current capabilities. The current building is phase one of three proposed building phases at the new location and is a much anticipated move to free up space at the Walnut Street location to increase inventory and capacity. Recently a commercial rib rollformer has been added alongside the TM Classic panel machine and will soon be adding a standing seam mobile machine as well.
There are also plans for more services that do not exist in the Wyoming and Colorado area as well.  “The company’s area of service is ever expanding and we look to better serve the market as we grow thru service, and quality,” said owner Robert Hilty.  “We would not be where we are without our faithful employees and customers.”


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