We back the blue and brown and gray in Platte County

At the recent Envision held for Platte County students, our local police, sheriff's office and Wyoming State Patrol were all there to help teach students.

With all the unrest in the nation, isn’t it nice to know that we still live in a small town where we are too small for the protesters to bother with. Which is more than just fine for our community.

The level of ignorance and stupidity along with a lack of rationale has so many on edge. The idea that a good way to get revenge upon four criminal police officers is to hurt innocent people, loot stores, burn buildings and then march in the name of justice is missing a few screws holding the “why” together.

We have all had a few really bad teachers who really shouldn’t have been teaching. There was no rhyme or reason as to why they were so unfair and cruel. It didn’t make us want to steal library books or burn down the gymnasium. And we should be glad that it didn’t want to make our school systems defund and eliminate teachers – because for every bad one we encountered there were 20 others that were compassionate, caring and caused us to learn things.

There are bad apples out there, but we can thank God we don’t have to give up apple pie and eliminate all apples from the face of the earth.

Every year there is a gathering for the Special Olympians. A torch run sponsored by our local law enforcement agencies. Police showed up with their vehicles, others donned the Torch Run T-shirts and got into the race with the athletes.

The compassion and time that these officers and administrative staff from the Sheriff’s office and police departments showed was nothing less than incredible.  In other areas of America where protesters are marching in parades against the police, here in Platte County the police were walking and running and chauffeuring kids on a very special day for very special athletes.

With each step and each blast of the siren down the main streets of Wheatland the officers were declaring their love for the kids and their care for the community. They don’t get a lot of fanfare, especially lately in the midst of all the adversity, but they didn’t do it for fame or to be patted on the back.

That’s not the reason they went into law enforcement in the first place. They took an oath to protect and to serve and here in Platte County, our officers have not spoken their oath out loud, but with a silent walk on that Saturday, they “lived” their oath. That is why we cannot ever forget the little things our men in blue or brown or gray do for us.

Last week. It was another parade, this time for the junior high volleyball girls. Our police were there, lights flashing, making memories for the kids and being proud of the the town they swore to protect and serve.

When you see a police officer here that keeps a town safe and supports those who can’t support themselves, let them know how much you appreciate their service. They never backed down from the COVID threat, they don’t live extravagant lives, but somehow they are always happy to take underprivileged kids shopping at Christmas. They were at the ready to protect us when the threat of violent protests were heading in our direction and they held up the hearts of the Special Olympians.

We are truly blessed in Platte County that we have officers that put their lives on the line for all of us.