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By Vicki Hood | Guernsey Gazette Editor

CODY — How dedicated are you to the causes you believe in?  For Terresa Humphries-Wadsworth and Kelly Eckerdt, that answer isn’t likely easily matched.  Because these two women have taken to the roads of Wyoming, literally, to bring awareness to suicide and its prevention.  
But this is no small jaunt--these two are attempting to cover the 400 miles between Cody and Cheyenne between September 1 and September 15.
Terresa and Kelly are from Park county, Wyoming and departed the Wyoming Veterans Memorial Park in Cody five days ago and expect to finish at the Cheyenne VA Medical Center.
Both Terresa and Kelly are suicide Prevention advocates and have passion to inspire others.
They have trained for an entire year to be physically ready, getting help from trainer Rinda Eastman.  
If the journey goes as planned, they will be departing Glendo in the morning and arriving in Wheatland late afternoon.  They will be walking along Interstate 25 south.    
A number of Goshen and Platte County people are supporting their efforts, largely through the three local VFW Posts in Torrington, Guernsey and Wheatland.  
Arrangements have been made for cadets from the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy to walk with them in sections between Glendo and Wheatland.
They will enter Wheatland from the north exit and ail be escorted by the Southeast Wyoming Pony Express group to the Platte County Courthouse.  From there they will be escorted by the Wheatland High School Band and Cheerleaders to Louis Park where a barbecue is planned.      
They will stay overnight in Wheatland and depart the next morning.  Wyoming’s VFW Commander Bill Cain and VFW Auxiliary President Pam Cain, from Fort Laramie, plan to join the women on their departure out of Wheatland.  They will also be escorted by the Legion Riders from Platte County.
If you would like to join them at any point on the route, updates from the road are being posted on their Facebook page at WalkAcrossWyoming and their website page WalkAcrossWyoming.com     
On their website page, they talk about the reason for their commitment to this project and cause, saying “our journey is about bringing a voice to the silent and connection to the lost. It is about encouraging those who are  struggling, comforting those who grieve, and celebrating those who are finding peace and hope.
This journey is raising awareness that struggle is part of the human condition and you don’t have to do it alone.We hear many Wyoming residents say, “We are all connected and our state is one big town with really long roads - full of people who deeply care.”
For more information on the September 12th schedule and updated information, you may contact Pam Cain at 307-331-9567. 

Photo courtesy WalkAcrossWyoming

ABOVE: Terresa Humphries-Wadsworth (left) and Kelly Eckerdt are shown at the Walk Across Wyoming kickoff September 1st in Cody at Veterans Memorial Park.  They are scheduled to be in Platte County on September 12, the day they will cover the miles between Glendo and Wheatland.  A reception and barbeque is planned for Lewis Park that evening. 

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