Under an epic storm advisory

America's epic storm.

At what point does the healing begin?

For a country shaken to its core with the chasm of inept leadership, military heartbreak, problems without solutions and taking sides on issues that may or may not be the right answers, there is no United States of America at this point.  There is nothing united about us. 

As the layers begin to be torn away from a haunting tale, the revealing may force us all to look into a darkness that we didn’t ask to see.

The long road ahead for America and the alleged governmental abuse has our community in shock as we all silently wait for more information and hopefully, some much needed light for the journey ahead.   

When a darkness of this magnitude comes upon our children, too young to discern the difference between being protected and being taken advantage of, it resonates with every fiber of the moral compass that we possess for our own personal path.

In every disaster, with bold proclamation of finality and with every promise of hopelessness, the frailty of the human spirit is tested and tried. Fears have set forth to conquer.

The casualties are more than we can bear and lives are paralyzed. The far-reaching effects causing collateral damage to family and friends leave a wide swath of destruction and all who have heard the ill tidings are affected in one way or another.

A friend at the football game. A neighbor in the driveway. A shopper in line at the grocery store. A voice you have heard during Sunday morning worship. That is the stark tragedy of situation when we live in a small community. We are divided here at home. And battle lines have been drawn.

Words can be sharper than knives that cut to the very bone and marrow of the soul. And there will be words. The situation will become darker before the dawn and there has to be a bracing for the aftershocks.

The questions remain. At what point does the healing begin and what must we do to begin to move forward into it?

A wise man once told his son who was lost in the journey, “If you can find your way to your knees, you can find your way home.”

We are community. We are family. We have endured storms, faced problems without solutions and looked into the face of death itself. And we have prevailed. The only answer to a community in crisis is found in one simple direction.

It is found in the book of Hebrews and its wisdom is needed now more than ever. “Therefore, let us come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

Let “us” come. Together. Standing shoulder to shoulder. Not with boots on the ground, but knees on the ground. Obtaining the two things that can help us all in this dark hour of need.

At what point does the healing begin?

The human body begins the battle to heal in the moments after the affliction. We are all in that moment. The choice to battle is not only prudent, but critical to survival.



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