Torrington Youth Series Rodeo crowns 2019 champions - Wheatland’s Mann takes first

TORRINGTON – The Torrington Youth Series Rodeos crowned their 2019 series champions on Tuesday, Aug. 6 at the Goshen County Fairgrounds Pavilion. Produced by the Jake and Kerin Clark family, the TYS rodeos offered area youth ages 5-18 the opportunity to compete in various rodeo events.
In its 10th year, the TYS rodeos included eight weeknight events that began May 15 and concluded August 6. Buckles were awarded to series event champions in each age division and breast collars were awarded to the reserve champions with the dummy roping reserve champion receiving a rope bag. Contestants must have competed at six of the eight rodeos to qualify for the series awards. 
The series will start up again in May 2020 for its 11th season.

Aug. 6 results
5-7 Barrel Racing:
1. Kaige Reisdorfer, Cheyenne, 16.79 seconds
2. Kystin Reisdorfer, Cheyenne, 19.13 seconds

8-10 Barrel Racing:
1. Brilee Burford, Mitchell, Neb., 16.82 seconds
2. Hattie Haeffelin, Torrington, 17.04 seconds

11-14 Barrel Racing:
1. Mya Randall, Wheatland, 15.91 seconds
2. Afton McIntosh, Torrington, 16.23 seconds
3. Brenna Herring, Veteran, 16.89 seconds

15-18 Barrel Racing:
1. Loren Mann, Wheatland, 16.02 seconds
2. Easton Boyd, Wheatland, 16.56 seconds

5-7 Pole Bending:
1. Kaige Reisdorfer, Cheyenne, 24.16 seconds
2. Kystin Reisdorfer, Cheyenne, 24.22 seconds

8-10 Pole Bending:
1. Hattie Haeffelin, Torrington, 20.81 seconds
2. Madison McIntosh, Wheatland, 21.74 seconds

11-14 Pole Bending:
1. Brenna Herring, Veteran, 21.88 seconds
2. Josie Symons, Mitchell, Neb., 26.05 seconds

15-18 Pole Bending:
1. Easton Boyd, Wheatland, 23.21 seconds

5-7 Dummy Roping Fast Time:
1. Maddox Sorensen, Yoder, 2.6 seconds
2. Cade Zurcher, Morrill, Neb., 2.9 seconds

5-7 Dummy Roping Average:
1. Maddox Sorensen, Yoder, 7.6 seconds on 3
2. Cade Zurcher, Morrill, Neb., 6.1 seconds on 2

5-7 Goat Untying:
1. Kaige Reisdorfer, Cheyenne, 8.7 seconds
2. Maddox Sorensen, Yoder, 9.9 seconds
3. Kystin Reisdorfer, Cheyenne, 14.3 seconds

8-10 Boys Goat Tying:
1. Juston Keener, Mitchell, Neb., 16.2 seconds
2. Jack Hartman, Veteran, 24.5 seconds

8-10 Girls Goat Tying:
1. Hattie Haeffelin, Torrington, 14.1 seconds

11-14 Boys Goat Tying:
1. Braxton Burford, Mitchell, Neb., 11.1 seconds
2. Cord Symons, Mitchell, Neb., 11.7 seconds

11-14 Girls Goat Tying:
1. Kaycee Kosmicki, Yoder, 11.9 seconds
2. Anna Hartman, Veteran, 13.9 seconds

15-18 Girls Goat Tying Fast Time and Average:
1. Kadra Clark, Yoder, Fast Time 7.7 seconds and Average 15.6 seconds on 2

8-10 Breakaway Roping:
1. Juston Keener, Mitchell, Neb., 6.3 seconds

11-14 Breakaway Roping:
1. Kyler Clark, Yoder, 5.0 seconds
2. Mason Sorensen, Yoder, 16.3 seconds

15-18 Breakaway Roping:
1. Kadra Clark, Yoder, 4.7 seconds
2. Easton Boyd, Wheatland, 5.7 seconds

14 and under Team Roping:
1. Kyler Clark, Yoder, 6.4 seconds
2. Sid Petersen, Torrington, 9.1 seconds
3. Cord Symons, Mitchell, Neb., 12.2 seconds
4. Zane Zurcher, Morrill, Neb., 13.3 seconds

High school and under Team Roping:
1. Kadra Clark/Kyler Clark, 8.4 seconds
2. Chance Symons/Cord Symons, 8.5 seconds
3. Danielle Brow/Rodee Brow, 9.1 seconds

2019 TYS Champions
Barrel Racing Results:
5-7 Champion:  Kaige Reisdorfer, Cheyenne
5-7 Reserve Champion:  Braxtyn Stoltenberg, Bayard, Neb.
8-10 Champion:  Brilee Burford, Mitchell, Neb.
8-10 Reserve Champion:  Hattie Haeffelin, Torrington
11-14 Champion:  Brenna Herring, Veteran
11-14 Reserve Champion:  Jadea Graves, Wheatland
 15-18 Champion:  Loren Mann, Wheatland

Pole Bending Results:
5-7 Champion:  Kaige Reisdorfer, Cheyenne
 5-7 Reserve Champion:  Braxtyn Stoltenberg, Bayard, Neb.
8-10 Champion:  Hattie Haeffelin, Torrington
8-10 Reserve Champion:  Brilee Burford, Mitchell, Neb.
 11-14 Champion:  Afton McIntosh, Torrington
 11-14 Reserve Champion:  Jadea Graves, Wheatland
 15-18 Champion:  Loren Mann, Wheatland

5-7 Dummy Roping Results
Champion:  Maddox Sorensen, Yoder
Reserve Champion:  Cade Zurcher, Morrill, Neb.
3rd place: Braxtyn Stoltenberg, Bayard, Neb.

Goat Tying Results:
5-7 Goat Untying Champion:  Kaige Reisdorfer, Cheyenne
 5-7 Goat Untying Reserve Champion:  Maddox Sorensen, Yoder
8-10 Boys Goat Tying Champion:  Jack Hartman
8-10 Boys Goat Tying Reserve Champion:  Juston Keener
8-10 Girls Goat Tying Champion:  Hattie Haeffelin, Torrington
8-10 Girls Goat Tying Reserve Champion:  Brilee Burford, Mitchell, Neb.
11-14 Boys Goat Tying Champion:  Braxton Burford, Mitchell, Neb.
11-14 Boys Goat Tying Reserve Champion:  Cord Symons, Mitchell, Neb.
11-14 Girls Goat Tying Champion:  Brenna Herring, Veteran
11-14 Girls Goat Tying Reserve Champion:  Kaycee Kosmicki, Yoder
15-18 Girls Goat Tying Champion:  Kadra Clark, Yoder
15-18 Girls Goat Tying Reserve Champion:  Jadyn Hall, Veteran

Breakaway Roping Results:
 8-10 Breakaway Roping Champion:  Juston Keener, Mitchell, Neb.
11-14 Breakaway Roping Champion:  Kyler Clark, Yoder
11-14 Breakaway Roping Reserve Champion:  Brenna Herring, Veteran
15-18 Breakaway Roping Champion:  Kadra Clark, Yoder

Team Roping Results:
14U Team Roping Champion:  Sid Petersen, Torrington
14U Team Roping Reserve Champion:  Kyler Clark, Yoder
High School and Under Team Roping Champion:  Bryan Lemmon, Torrington
High School and Under Team Roping Reserve Champion:  Chance Symons, Mitchell, Neb.


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