State Chariot Races held in Glendo

Jeff Anderson/ Courtesy Roy Morgan Jr. of Guernsey heads to the start line for the next race.

GLENDO – The annual State Chariot races were held in Glendo last weekend,  March 7 and 8.
The races began on Saturday at noon and the track located three miles south of Glendo on Highway 319. Racers travel from all over Wyoming and neighboring states to compete.
The Glendo Wild Bunch 4-H club held a 50/50 raffle and awarded Dale Andreen the winnings and he graciously gave the 4-H club a generous donation back.
Two races on Sunday were dedicated to the memory of the late Marvin Hyde of Glenrock, whom was a legend of chariot racing. The Skelley's Chance team owned by Lara Skelley won the third race and received a memorial mirror. As well as the Just Off Brothers were driven by James Olguin in the sixth race on Sunday and received a memorial jacket. There was a ceremony that preceded the races to honor Marvin Hyde.
Times listed below are the totals on both Saturday & Sunday races.

Division 1
1st - Just Off Brothers driver James Olguin 44.74 seconds
2nd - Sagebrush Motel driver Roy Morgan 44.95 seconds
3rd - Newman Equine driver Mike Newman
4th - HLH Nelson Qtr Horses driver Tom Nelson

Division 2
1st - JWH Dad's Bar  driver Clay Giles 45.58 seconds
2nd - Stoker & Giles driver Jenny Giles 46.33 seconds
3rd - T & M Jack's Brats driver Jenny Barber 46.36 seconds
4th - Horsecreek Express driver John Williams 46.58 seconds

Division 3
1st - Pretty Pennies driver Lara Skelley 47.30 seconds
2nd - Equine Addition driver Stretch Austin 47.44 seconds
3rd - Skelley's Chance driver Lara Skelley 47.50 seconds

Division 4
1st - H Bar #2 driver Dave Brant 61.33 seconds
2nd - H Bar #1 driver Brian Skelley 61.60 seconds

Clay Moore won the outrider race Sunday afternoon.


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