Public Notice No. 11376

Public Notice

Unapproved Record – The Board of County Commissioners, Platte County, Wyoming, met on the 21st day of February 2023 in the county seat of Wheatland. Those present for the meeting were Steve Shockley, Commission Chairman; Ian Jolovich, Commissioner; Kayla Mantle, Commissioner; and Malcolm Ervin, County Clerk. Chairman Shockley called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM. Commissioner Jolovich motioned, seconded by Commissioner Mantle, to approve the agenda as presented. The motion carried. Commissioner Mantle motioned, seconded by Commissioner Jolovich, to approve the February 7th meeting minutes. The motion carried. Commissioner Jolovich motioned, seconded by Commissioner Mantle, to approve the vouchers as presented. The motion carried. Vouchers Approved for Payment: 911 New Equipment WYOLOGIC INC 7,400.00  XYBIX SYSTEMS INC 22,936.07 Phones AT & T 115.91  CENTURY LINK - SEATTLE 119.72 American Rescue Plan (ARPA) SAMPSON CONSTRUCTION CO INC 89,551.00  SAUDER WORSHIP SEATING 113,588.96  MALONE BELTON ABEL 54,930.50 Assessor Postage FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OMAHA 805.10 Travel Expenses FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OMAHA 17.79 Attorney Supplies ATLAS OFFICE PRODUCTS 538.89  WYOMING SECRETARY OF STATE 60.00 Clerk of Court Court Costs TRICIA MUTCHLER 87.75  KENNETH BROWN 750.00 Supplies PLAINSMAN PRINTING & SUPPLY 910.97 Clerk Supplies ODP BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LLC 57.16  AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 42.73  ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES 17.96 County Road Fund (SCRF) COLE LUMBER & CONSTRUCTION COMPANY INC 4,730.00  HORTON FUELS LLC 31,437.98  ROWDY BROOKS TRUCKING 4,085.00 Detention Board of Prisoners BOB BARKER COMPANY INC 176.76  FARMER BROTHERS CO 1,070.15  CASH-WA DISTRIBUTING 20,075.59  GENE DAVIS DISTRIBUTING 737.01  THRIFTY FOODS INC 22.13 Detention Medical Care MCKESSON MEDICAL SURGICAL 996.16  PSYCHOLOGICAL DIMENSIONS 775.00  SOUTH STREET PHARMACY 2,840.17  PSYCHOLOGICAL DIMENSIONS 400.00 Supplies JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 24.84  VISA 1,196.76 Training WYOMING LAW ENFORCEMENT ACADEMY 725.00 Uniforms KINSCO 229.47 Dispatch Supplies WYOMING SECRETARY OF STATE 120.00  VISA 198.47 Emergency Preparedness Grant PLATTE COUNTY 350.00 Facilities Building Maintenance AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 158.99  API SYSTEMS INTEGRATORS 620.00  CNH INDUSTRIAL ACCOUNTS 49.98  HILLSIDE RENTAL 297.40  JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 1,939.13  O’REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC 63.64  SHRED-IT C/O STERICYCLE INC 211.01 Capital Construction A & M ELECTRIC LLC 333.85  JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 106.62 Custodial LISA TAMLIN 1,000.00 Fuel FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 48.58 Utilities WYOPOTS 278.25 Vehicle Repair O’REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC 90.72 Fair Discretionary Fund ACOUSTICAL ELEMENTS LLC 9,812.00 Expenses FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OMAHA 238.49 Utilities VERIZON WIRELESS 138.17 Fire Protection WYOMING STATE FORESTRY DIVISION 8,786.80 IT New Equipment WYOLOGIC INC 5,900.00 IT New Equipment WYOLOGIC INC 19,710.00 Library Child Programs GUERNSEY SUPER FOODS 80.92 New Equipment XEROX CORPORTATION 212.45 Printing ATLAS OFFICE PRODUCTS 1,540.98 Supplies PUBLISHERS PRIME 28.99  SYNCB/AMAZON 2,840.58  THE WANDERER ON GILCHRIST 398.00  WYOMING TRIBUNE-EAGLE 31.95 Travel Expenses BECKY BOLINGER 142.52 Utilities BLACK HILLS ENERGY 1,115.82  CHUGWATER TELEPHONE 40.70  FUSION CLOUD SERVICES LLC 843.55  TOWN OF WHEATLAND 1,128.32 Maternal & Child Health (SGF) PLATTE COUNTY 350.00 Medical Insurance DELTA DENTAL 1,580.00 PH State Reimbursement WYOMING DEPT OF HEALTH 8,924.50 Supplies WYOMING PUBLIC HEALTH LABORATORY 148.00 Vaccinations MCKESSON MEDICAL SURGICAL 2,923.54 Phones GO TO COMMUNICATIONS 2,592.69 Prevention Grant THRIFTY FOODS INC 13.54 Printing ODP BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LLC 1,010.25  RECORD TIMES 1,017.00 R & B Fuel FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 6,279.13  WEX BANK 2,424.66 Supplies JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 35.99 Utilities WHEATLAND RURAL ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION 225.64  Y-O INVESTMENTS INC 113.19 Vehicle Repair INLAND TRUCK PARTS & SERVICE 1,666.03 Sheriff Armory VISA 79.91 Extradition RICHARD ANDERSON 36.78  SPENCER CONDIE 10.50  VISA 67.38 K9 Operations RAY ALLEN MANUFACTURING 216.98  COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY 614.12 Special Investigations AT&T MOBILITY 649.63 Supplies JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 252.95  VISA 521.84 Training NASRO 1,100.00 Uniforms BADGE & WALLET 573.00 Vehicle Repair ABSOLUTE SOLUTIONS 308.18  BOB RUWART MOTORS 2,353.72  KEYSTONE GROUP LLC 61.00  O’REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC 873.78 Treasurer Supplies AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 11.79  ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES 10.50  WYOMING SECRETARY OF STATE 60.00 Unemployment DEPARTMENT OF WORKFORCE SERVICES 7,690.75. Total $465,106.38. Collections: The Board reviewed the daily receipts of Treasurer Kristi Rietz from February 1 through February 14, 2023, which totaled $811,663.38. Bond Approval: The Board reviewed, and approved, a bond in the amount of $2,000.00 for Bill Klein as treasurer of the Platte County Predatory Animal Board. Tax Cancellation: Commissioner Jolovich motioned, seconded by Commissioner Mantle, to approve the tax cancellation for tax year 2022 in the sum of $237.50 for Alan Weiser. The motion carried. Fiscal Position of the County: Kristi Rietz, County Treasurer, presented the fiscal position of the County as of January 21, 2023. Public Hearing – Liquor License Renewal: Chairman Shockley called a public hearing to order at 9:30 AM for the purpose of accepting public comment on liquor license applications. Clerk Ervin presented six retail liquor license applications and four county malt beverage applications, all of which were renewals. Chairman Shockley opened the meeting to public comment, but none was received. Commissioner Jolovich motioned, seconded by Commissioner Mantle, to approve the retail liquor licenses and county malt beverage permits as presented. The motion carried. Planning & Zoning: Doug Dumont, County Planner, presented a building certificate from RM&R Construction, on behalf of Richard & Charlyn Lewis, for approval. The Board examined, and approved, the building certificate. County Maintenance: Jim DeWitt, Maintenance Supervisor, provided the Board with updates from his department. University of Wyoming Extension: Stacy Buchholz, 4-H/Youth Development Extension Educator, requested that the Board review the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between U.W. Extension and the Fair Board for the purpose of providing an annual check-in. There being no further business for board consideration, the meeting adjourned at approximately 11:00 AM. This proceeding was recorded by Clerk Ervin pursuant to Wyoming statute §18-3-402(a)(i)(C). A regular meeting of the Board, which is open to the public, will be held Tuesday, March 7, 2023, at 9:00 a.m., at the Coleman Building, located 718 9th St., Wheatland, WY. Further County information, and public notices, can be obtained at or by calling the Clerk’s Office at (307) 322-2315.

Public Notice No. 11376. To be published in the Platte County Record-Times - March 1, 2023.