Public Notice No. 11271


Unapproved Record – The Board of County Commissioners, Platte County, Wyoming, met on the 23rd day of August 2022 in the county seat of Wheatland. Those present for the meeting were Steve Shockley, Commission Chairman; Ian Jolovich, Commissioner; Kayla Mantle, Commissioner; and Malcolm Ervin, County Clerk. Chairman Shockley called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM. Commissioner Mantle motioned, seconded by Commissioner Jolovich, to approve the agenda as presented. The motion carried. Commissioner Jolovich motioned, seconded by Commissioner Mantle, to approve the August 2nd meeting minutes. The motion carried. Commissioner Mantle motioned, seconded by Commissioner Jolovich, to approve the vouchers as presented. The motion carried. Vouchers Approved for Payment: 911 Phones AT & T 182.83 CENTURY LINK - PHOENIX 341.16 CENTURY LINK - SEATTLE 405.12 Repair & Maint. ABSOLUTE SOLUTIONS 2,060.00 CONVERGEONE INC 14,181.36 OFFICE OF STATE LANDS & INVESTMENTS 938.24 Ag. Ext. New Equipment XEROX FINANCIAL SERVICES 303.78 State Reimbursement UW EXTENSION 6,969.00 Supplies THRIFTY FOODS INC 17.57  XESI DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS 29.28 Travel Expenses JAMIE HUNTER 31.14  WEX 24.07 Utilities TOWN OF WHEATLAND 231.81 Assessor Travel Expenses FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OMAHA 591.52  WEX 200.86 Attorney Printing & Publishing ATLAS OFFICE PRODUCTS 575.46 Clerk of Court Court Costs KENNETH BROWN 920.00 Supplies AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 148.55  INDOFF INCORPORATED 224.00  WY ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE 39.00  WY ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE 39.00 Travel Expenses WACO 250.00 Clerk Supplies AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 22.55 Commissioner Discretionary Funds LITTLE WALKER PROPERTIES 3,927.00 Coroner Salary TIFFANY DEAN 180.00 Travel Expenses WEX 132.27 County Road Fund (SCRF) ERGON ASPHALT & EMULSIONS INC 4,402.50 Courthouse Renovation MALONE BELTON ABEL 14,529.31 Detention Board of Prisoners AARMS 390.00  CASH-WA DISTRIBUTING 15,337.41  COOK’S DIRECT 296.96  GENE DAVIS DISTRIBUTING 785.12  THRIFTY FOODS INC 158.95 Fuel WEX 2,351.71 Medical Care MCKESSON MEDICAL SURGICAL 31.59  MEMORIAL HOSPITAL OF CONVERSE COUNTY 186.00  SOUTH STREET PHARMACY 2,295.71 Repair & Maint. DRUBE SUPPLY 11.59 Supplies AXON ENTERPRISE INC 475.40 IDEAL/BLUFFS FACILITY SOLUTIONS 2,581.22 LOU’S GLOVES 1,771.00 VISA 73.71 Uniforms GALLS LLC 68.00 Vehicle Repair BOB RUWART MOTORS 482.35 Election Printing, Publishing & Advertising RECORD TIMES 1,518.80 Supplies AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 84.03 ODP BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LLC 519.14 Emergency Preparedness Grant VERIZON WIRELESS 40.01 Facilities & Maint. Custodial JEANIE MCELMURRY 200.00  LISA TAMLIN 1,000.00  LISA TAMLIN 1,000.00 Fuel FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 598.66 WEX 730.64 New Equipment BOMGAARS SUPPLY 224.97  JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 446.48 Supplies IDEAL/BLUFFS FACILITY SOLUTIONS 223.95 Utilities TOWN OF WHEATLAND 7,120.73  WYOPOTS 301.75 Vehicle Repair O’REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC 84.20 PRODUCTIVITY PLUS ACCOUNT - FAIR 178.92 Maintenance A & M ELECTRIC LLC 1,067.87  BLOEDORN LUMBER 205.16  BOMGAARS SUPPLY 261.18 CLEAN DESIGNS 1,608.97  DRUBE SUPPLY 160.93  JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 2,076.86  O’REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC 158.79  SHRED-IT C/O STERICYCLE INC 120.37  TERMINIX OF WYOMING 78.00  THRIFTY FOODS INC 16.76 Facilities Capital Construction BLOEDORN LUMBER 466.01 Fair Expenses CHUG SPRINGS BUTCHERY 600.00  CORNERSTONE ROOFING 140.00  CRISSY LAUCK 160.00  EXCLAMATION POINT! 540.00  GOOD CATTLE 460.00  GUERNSEY FIRE DEPARTMENT 50.00  HAROLD ALLBRIGHT 93.00  HORSE SHOE LIVESTOCK 250.00  IAN JOLOVICH 50.00  IMPACT MINISTRIES 50.00  JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 72.67  JUSTIN HERDT 25.00  LAYNIE GOERTZ 233.00  PLATTE COUNTY TREASURER 3,951.00  PLATTE VALLEY BANK 9,038.00  QUERRY FENCING 300.00  WAGON WHEEL CATERING 454.00  WESTERN COFFEE CO 466.00  WHITE TAIL RANCH 380.00  WY BELL LLC 900.00 Printing, Publishing & Advertising KTGA/KBDY 325.00  WY FARM BUREAU 105.00 Supplies JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 47.04 Utilities TOWN OF WHEATLAND 1,351.31  VERIZON WIRELESS 133.45 Involuntary Commitments (Title 25) WY BEHAVIORAL INSTITUTE 754.00 IT Technical Support WYOLOGIC INC 8,711.50 Library Dues & Continuing Ed. WSHS 60.00 New Equipment XEROX CORPORTATION 430.37 Printing, Publishing & Advertising GUERNSEY SUPER FOODS 52.42 Supplies OVERDRIVE INC 2,400.00  RECORD TIMES 59.99  SYNCB/AMAZON 3,147.40  THE WANDERING HERMIT 256.00 Travel Expenses JULIE HENION 161.25 Utilities BLACK HILLS ENERGY 84.27  CHUGWATER TELEPHONE 40.70  FUSION CLOUD SERVICES LLC 356.40  TOWN OF WHEATLAND 1,636.47 Medical Insurance DELTA DENTAL 2,542.40  DELTA DENTAL 174.90  WEBT 116,400.49 PH Maternal & Child Health (SGF) VERIZON WIRELESS 170.70  WEX 47.58 New Equipment SYNCB/AMAZON 28.77 State Reimbursement WY DEPT OF HEALTH 17,163.10 Supplies OFFICE ALLY 35.00  SYNCB/AMAZON 325.35  VERIZON WIRELESS 90.70  WY PUBLIC HEALTH LABORATORY 24.00 Phones FUSION CLOUD SERVICES LLC 360.06  GO TO COMMUNICATIONS 2,469.39 Printing, Publishing & Advertising ODP BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LLC 1,195.86  RECORD TIMES 1,125.30 R & B Fuel FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 2,987.95  HORTON FUELS LLC 30,160.00  WEX BANK 1,228.93 Materials, Culverts & Bridges BARCO MUNICIPAL PRODUCTS INC 1,443.34 Supplies BLUE LINE CUSTOM VINYLS 240.00  BOMGAARS SUPPLY 4.99  TEAM LAB 158.50 Utilities WHEATLAND REA 192.87  Y-O INVESTMENTS INC 113.19 Vehicle Repair AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 405.90  BOMGAARS SUPPLY 41.99  DRUBE SUPPLY 114.96  FAT BOYS TIRE & AUTO 6,264.90  INLAND TRUCK PARTS & SERVICE 6,381.09  WY MACHINERY COMPANY 455.97 SCRF TEAM LAB 897.50 Sheriff Extradition JOHN HARRIS 6.18  VISA 384.56 Fuel WEX 9,905.70 New Equipment VISA 152.62 Special Investigations AT&T MOBILITY 1,219.04 Supplies BLUE360 MEDIA LLC 1,191.19  JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 45.54  VISA 88.54 Training STEPHANIE NEUMAN LCSW 656.80 Uniforms AMAZING MONOGRAMMING 11.00  KINSCO 207.00 Vehicle Repair ABSOLUTE SOLUTIONS 139.25  BOB RUWART MOTORS 1,004.58  KEYSTONE GROUP LLC 193.75  O’REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC 334.71 Treasurer Supplies ODP BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LLC 22.94 Vaccine Campaign Grant PENNY SIMONTON 103.54  TOTAL 346,798.66. Collections Before the Board: The Board reviewed the daily receipts of Treasurer Kristi Rietz from August 1 through August 17, 2022, which totaled $1,572,195.87. Encroachment License: The Board examined and approved an encroachment license from Larry Williams & Susan Fritter. Agreements for Consideration: The Board examined a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the State of Wyoming and Platte County, which would provide for the legal representation in child custody cases under Wyoming statutes §14-6-401 through 14-6-440. Commissioner Mantle motioned, seconded by Commissioner Jolovich, to approve the MOU between the State of Wyoming and Platte County regarding the Guardian Ad Litem program. The motion carried. Maintenance Department: Jim DeWitt, Maintenance Supervisor, provided department updates to the Board. American Premium Beef: Linda King, CEO of First American Farms and American Premium Beef, introduced herself and informed the Board that her company intends to build a 387,000 square foot beef processing plant with a capacity of 1,500 head per day off Highway 26 near Dwyer. Numerous citizens were in attendance to express support and opposition. Others attended to ask questions. A detailed explanation of comments and questions are available in the full minutes of this proceeding. Those minutes are available in the Office of the County Clerk or online at Chairman Shockley informed the crowd that no request has been made as of this meeting and that American Premium Beef should conduct public outreach. Planning & Zoning: Doug Dumont, County Planner, presented a building certificate from Johnny & Nikita Smith for approval. Town of Guernsey: Chuck Porter, Guernsey Planner, Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer, introduced himself to the Commissioners. IT Update: Jordan Ham, WyoLogic Inc., provided department updates to the Board. There being no further business for board consideration, the meeting adjourned at approximately 12:00 PM.

Public Notice No. 11271. To be published in the Platte County Record-Times - August 31, 2022.