Public Notice No. 11269


TOWN OF WHEATLAND A regular meeting of the Council for the Town of Wheatland, Platte County, and State of Wyoming was held on Monday, August 8, 2022, pursuant to the law.
Mayor Graves called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. The following were present at roll call: Councilman Britz, Race, and Madsen. Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Tabitha Enniss and Attorney Doug Weaver were also present. Mayor Graves presented the agenda adding Curtis Hofrock with Platte County Parks and Recreation to Unfinished Business. Councilman Britz motioned, seconded by Councilman Race, to accept the agenda with noted changes. Motion passed 3-0.  
Councilman Race motioned, seconded by Councilman Madsen, to accept the consent agenda as presented and to place it on file. Motion passed 3-0.  July vouchers approved by Council are as follows: 16th Street, 500.00, flower beds, Alexander Construction,17,307.17, road base, Alsco, 116.29, mat rentals,, 249.60, Flags, American Casting, 1,045.77, electrical supplies, Amped Electrical Solutions LLC, 366.00, led lights park bathrooms, APT US&C, 259.00, membership fee, AT&T Mobility, 259.44, mobile internet, Black Hills Energy, 1,017.49, heat, Bloedorn Lumber, 248.15, supplies, Blue360 Media LLC, 170.17, Wyoming criminal & traffic law books, Bob Ruwart Motors,1,614.40, auto parts, Bomgaars, 2,090.33, supplies, Border States Industries, 373.72, meter sockets, Britz, William R,150.00, Town Council, Brown Co., 60.99, trimmer, Capital Business System, 989.08, copier, Caselle, 249.00, support, CenturyLink, 440.47, phone, Children’s Advocacy Project, 2,250.00, forensic interviewing, City of Torrington, 12,397.80, sanitation disposal, CMI-Teco, 531.57, auto parts, Contractors Materials Inc, 197.40, paint, Cooney Hills Excavation LLC, 1,140.00, hauled asphalt  Crystal Ice, 31.00, ice, Dana Kepner Co, 8,779.86, supplies, DBC Irrigation Supply, 690.04, couplings, Downtown Laundry, 40.00, patches, Drube Supply, 149.33, supplies, Energy Labs Inc., 300.00, sewer test, Engineering Associates,12,864.91, engineering, Faris Machinery, 237.54, parts, Fat Boys Tire 1,311.00, tires, Ferguson Waterworks, 6,069.08, meters, First Bankcard, 1,728.83, office supplies/Google/trainings, Fusion Cloud Services, 766.35, phones, GoTo Communications, 1,132.41, phones, Graves, Brandon, 750.00, Town Council, Hardline Equipment, 1,334.46, vehicle supplies, Hawkins, 625.25, chlorine, Heimsoth, Travis, 1,000.00, Electrical Inspector, Herdt, Ruth, 200.00, office cleaning, Horton Fuels, 15,185.76, fuel, Ideal, 93.56, coveralls, Interstate Billing Service 81.58, auto parts, John Deer Financial, 470.42, supplies, KYCN Radio, 390.00, advertisement, Lambert, Michale, 200.00, shop cleaning, Laramie Peak Motors, 30.01, filters, Laramie Peak Museum, 1,000.00, utilities, Lawson Products, 283.96, supplies, Lingo Communications, 220.45, phones, Long’s Tree Spraying, 13,655.50, spraying shrubs, Madsen, Alan, 150.00, Town Council, Marks Plumbing, 290.28, supplies, McElmurry, Jeanie R, 325.00, cleaning Town Hall, Montoya, Anthony, 150.00, Town Council, Motorola Solutions, 2,163.77, bundle panoramic,  Mountain States Lighting, 346.32, lights, Niemi, Jason, 80.52, gas, Norco, 205.76, welding supplies, Northwest Pipe Fittings, 609.38,parts, Nuchraksa, Andrew, 75.00, consulting, One Call of WY, 66.75, 89 tickets, One Stop Safety Solutions, 330.00, safety consulting/drug testing, O’Reilly Automotive Inc, 9.98, auto parts, P.C. Library, 1,500.00, contract for services, P.C. Main Street, 4,250.00, flowers, PCED, 14,000.00, membership, PH Consulting, 152.89, shipping, Platte County Asphalt, 253,970.40, asphalt, Productivity Plus, 138.65, equipment, Project Safe, 5,000.00, services provided, Quill Corp, 458.36, office supplies, Race, Donald,150.00, Town Council, Record Times, 702.15, advertisement, Services for Seniors, 6,000.00, public transit, Southeast Wyoming Weed Control, 18,950.15, weed control, State of Wyoming, 19,604.33, Sales Tax, Stevenson, Terry, 200.00, Emergency Management, Stone Welding, 95.00, Tree Bases, Sunbelt Solomon, 3,746.00, supplies, Superior Contracting, 23,074.96, trash runs, Tank holding 6,357.45, trash cans, TDS Collection Service, 6,012.60, roll-off c&d, The Tire Shop, 45.00, tire repair,  Thrifty Foods, 485.60, supplies, Trihydro Corporation, 6,866.48, landfill monitoring, USA Blue Book, 194.64, water supplies, Verizon Wireless, 304.68, cell phones, Versalift Northwest, 12,707.44, Auto Parts, Ward Insulation, 18,790.20, insulation, Western United Elect.,1,746.90, electric supplies, Wheatland Automotive, 1,925.47, auto parts, Wheatland Car Wash, 458.92, soap, Wheatland R.E.A., 10,075.95, electric purchased, WYDOT, 3,181.39, 16th Street, Wyologic Inc., 2,648.00, IT & website, Wyoming Local Government Liability Pool, 1,000.00, Insurance, Wyoming Municipal Power, 308,166.26, power bill, Wyoming Retirement System, 431.25, firemen retirement, Wyoming Wireless Internet,75.00, internet, Wyoming Workers Compensation, 670.33,workers comp, SPET- Electrical Connections Inc. 22,500.00 Black Mountain project, Border States, 240.10, AMI, Border States, 33,855.00, AMI Meters, Border State, 287,263.75, production meters, Landis & Gyr Technology Inc., 56160.00,  Collectors, Western United, 148,087.39, Electrical supplies,  Payroll, 187,361.03, Total Vouchers, 343,423.75 PUBLIC COMMENT: Members of the public voiced their concerns on the removal of the electric hook-ups from the Lewis Pack campground. No action was taken. UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Merlin Hitt from Platte County Economic Development provided an update on the economic health and development trends for the community. Curtis Hofrock with Platte County Parks and Recreation presented Council with a price increase of $20,330.00 for back stop netting. Council agreed they would need to workshop a solution for the price increase. No action was taken. NEW BUSINESS: Councilman Masen motioned, seconded by Councilman Britz, to approve Resolution #8-2022 A Resolution applying for ARPA Grant Program 16th Street Water and Sewer. Motion passed 3-0. Councilman Race motioned, seconded by Councilman Madsen, to approve Resolution #9-2022 A Resolution applying for ARPA Grant Program for Water Meter Replacement and Design and Replacement of the Black Mountain Water Tower. Motion passed 3-0. With nothing further to come before the Council the meeting adjourned 8:26 p.m. S/N:  Mayor Brandon Graves Attest:  S/N:  Deputy Clerk Tabitha Ennis  

Public Notice No. 11269. To be published in the Platte County Record-Times - August 24, 2022.