Public Notice No. 11164

Unapproved Record of the April 5, 2022 Proceedings of the Platte County Commissioners in Wheatland, WY - The regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners was called to order at 9:00 A.M. with the following present: Steve Shockley, Commission Chairman; Ian Jolovich, Commissioner; Kayla Mantle, Commissioner; and Malcolm Ervin, County Clerk. Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to approve the agenda. The motion carried. Mrs. Mantle motioned, seconded by Mr. Jolovich, to approve the March 15th regular meeting minutes. The motion carried. Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to approve the vouchers as presented. The motion carried. Vouchers Approved for Payment: PAYROLL, GROSS 301,045.75 TAX ACCOUNT 71,942.42 WY DEPT OF WORKFORCE SVCS 5,406.62 WYOMING RETIREMENT SYSTEM 52,493.63 911 SYSTEM PHONE CENTURY LINK - SEATTLE 1,822.69 REPAIR/MAINT OFFICE OF STATE LANDS AND INVESTMENTS 960.76 AG EXT Custodial JEANIE MCELMURRY 200.00 STATE REIMB UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING EXTENSION 6,634.50 SUPPLIES PLATTE COUNTY EXTENSION 20.73  XESI DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS 56.21 UTILITIES BLACK HILLS ENERGY 226.99 ATTORNEY COURT COSTS KIM LAUCK 42.94 CLERK MILEAGE & EXP FIRST BANKCARD 188.19 CLERK OF COURT COSTS BARNES LAW LLC 850.00  GOSHEN COUNTY CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT 2,251.87  KENNETH BROWN 920.00  PALEN LAW OFFICES LLP 720.00  ROBERT S CASTEEL II 1,265.00 MILEAGE & EXP FIRST BANKCARD 347.90  MONA MCAULEY 71.37 SUPPLIES FIRST STATE BANK 67.07 CLERK SUPPLIES PLAINSMAN PRINTING & SUPPLY 1,788.00 COMMISSIONERS MILEAGE & EXP FIRST BANKCARD 117.74  FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 36.30 COMMISSIONERS PLANNER FIRST BANKCARD 68.35 CORONER AUTOPSIES NMS LABS 182.50 FACILITY RENT GORMAN FUNERAL HOME 1,050.00 COURTHOUSE BLDG MAINT AG HEATING & COOLING LLC 368.03  DRUBE SUPPLY 34.99  TW ENTERPRISES INC 1,762.08  WYOMING STATE SAFE LOCK CO 655.00 NEW EQUIP WYDOT MOTOR VEHICLE SERVICES 5.00 Renovation SAMPSON CONSTRUCTION CO INC 198,228.00 SUPPLIES IDEAL/BLUFFS FACILITY SOLUTIONS 376.11  OFFICE DEPOT INC 20.29 UTILITIES BLACK HILLS ENERGY 3,370.89 Vehicle Repair THE TIRE SHOP 647.56 DETENTION MEDICAL CARE MCKESSON MEDICAL SURGICAL 999.84  MEMORIAL HOSPITAL OF CONVERSE COUNTY 314.00  SMITH PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES 400.00  SOUTH STREET PHARMACY 1,376.99 NEW EQUIP GALLS LLC 1,308.49  STOP STICK LTD 426.09 REPAIR/MAINT AG HEATING & COOLING LLC 2,929.18  DOMINGUEZ PLUMBING LLC 125.00  DRUBE SUPPLY 139.39 SUPPLIES ECOLAB INC 1,018.09  LOU'S GLOVES 1,971.00 TRAINING AARMS 195.00  WYOMING LAW ENFORCEMENT ACADEMY 623.00 UNIFORMS SURVIVAL ARMOR INC 1,122.81 Election Security WYOMING STATE SAFE LOCK CO 5,861.00 MILEAGE & EXP FIRST BANKCARD 33.83  MALCOLM ERVIN 142.74 MERGENCY MGT FACILITY RENT PLATTE COUNTY 700.00 SUPPLIES US POSTAL SERVICE - POST MASTER 100.00 INFO TECH SOFTWARE FIRST BANKCARD 190.67 MISC GEN INSURANCE LOCAL GOVERNMENT LIABILITY POOL 27,358.00 LEASED EQUIP CAPITAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC 163.73 MEDICAL INS BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD OF WYOMING 106,294.00 MISC FIRST BANKCARD 51.52 PRINTING/PUBL CAPITAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC CHEYENNE 407.16  OFFICE DEPOT INC 671.16 PH GRANTS* BIOTERRORISM BLACK HILLS ENERGY 36.90  STEVE P PEASLEY MD 800.00  TW ENTERPRISES INC 545.32 Crisis Funding STATE OF WYOMING ATTN SHERYL ROUB 50.31 MFH FIRST BANKCARD 565.00 Vaccine Campaign RECORD TIMES 3,185.00 PUBLIC HEALTH DUES/CONT ED FIRST BANKCARD 550.00 OFFICER STEVE P PEASLEY MD 365.00 POSTAGE FIRST BANKCARD 102.85 SUPPLIES ATLAS OFFICE PRODUCTS 55.00 CENTURY LINK - SEATTLE 45.71  OFFICE ALLY 35.00 R & B DRUG TESTING/CDL FIRST BANKCARD 475.00 FUEL FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 2,687.09  HORTON FUELS LLC 3,564.22  MHC KENWORTH - CHEYENNE 3,227.09 SUPPLIES DRUBE SUPPLY 115.39 UTILITIES BLACK HILLS ENERGY 277.07  TDS COLLECTION SERVICE INC 30.00  Y-O INVESTMENTS INC 113.19 EHICLE REP BOB RUWART MOTORS (514.98) SHERIFF NEW EQUIP BOB RUWART MOTORS 79,786.84 SPEC INVESTIG AT&T MOBILITY 609.45 SUPPLIES LOU'S GLOVES 1,971.00 UNIFORMS GALLS LLC 61.20 VEHICLE REP BOB RUWART MOTORS 3,549.76  TOTAL 913,456.58. March 2022: County Clerk - $10,745.95; Clerk of District Court - $2,267.00. Specific Purpose Excise Tax Requisitions: Mrs. Mantle motioned, seconded by Mr. Jolovich, to approve Requisition #26 from the Courthouse Improvement Fund in the sum of $225,503.99. The motion carried. Liquor Permitting: Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to approve two out-of-jurisdiction liquor permits as presented. The motion carried. The permits would be for a catering permit within the town of Wheatland and Albany County. Road & Bridge: Superintendent Beal Angle presented an encroachment license for Taylor Derra for approval. A discussion took place about the price of oil and its impact on the County’s ability to chip seal roads this summer – the Commissioners believed it would be wise to focus on gravel roads while oil prices are so high. Harris Park Road: Hal Hutchinson, County Engineer, spoke about the Harris Park Road project. The Hoskinson Ranch is requesting to improve to improve the road and the County will require that Hoskinson Ranch fund the project because it is happening at their request. Planning & Zoning: Planner Clark presented a request from Crafton Communications to obtain a Special Use Permit to add a 6’ X 8’ back-up generator to an existing cell tower. The applicant believes they do not need to go through the regular meeting process. The Commissioners denied approving the request without it going through the public notice, and meeting, requirements of P&Z Regulations. The request will be reviewed by the Planning & Zoning Commission on May 10th and the County Commissioners on May 17th. Ms. Clark presented one building certificate for approval from Seth Brockman. Public Health: Nicole Sticka, Public Health Nurse Manager, requested that the County accept the Prevention Program. The grant has been funded by the legislature for the next biennium and $222,800.03 has been allocated to Platte County. This amount is sufficient to cover the salary and benefits of a full-time employee – this makes the grant fully funded by the state and would require no match from the County. The Commissioners were supportive of Public Health taking on the prevention grant. Maintenance Department: Jim DeWitt, Maintenance Supervisor, provided an explanation of recently completed projects. Mr. DeWitt also spoke of some other maintenance issues that needed further direction from the Fair Board. Julie Henion, Library Director, and Mr. DeWitt spoke about building a Lee Miller memorial on the north side of the library. Lastly, Mr. DeWitt spoke about hiring summer help. Mr. DeWitt is requesting to hire six people for summer help, which will also work at the fairgrounds. The Commissioners agreed Mr. DeWitt should hire six summer helpers. Resolution #2022-05: Mrs. Mantle motioned, seconded by Mr. Jolovich, to approve Resolution #2022-05 setting the wages of elected officials. The motion carried. The full resolution is available online at or in the Office of the County Clerk. Courthouse Renovation Update: Mr. Ervin presented the updated budget for the Courthouse Renovation project and recommended the Commissioners approve seven change orders to the project. Those change orders would release additional work. Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to approve change orders #6 – #12 to the Courthouse renovation project. The motion carried. Health Insurance Renewal: Mrs. Mantle motioned, seconded by Mr. Jolovich, to renew health insurance with WEBT, with employees paying 9% of the premium and offering three deductible options. The motion carried. There being no further business the meeting adjourned at approximately 12:20 P.M.

Public Notice No. 11164. To be published in the Platte County Record - April 13, 2022.