Public Notice No. 11093


TOWN OF WHEATLAND  A regular meeting of the Council for the Town of Wheatland, Platte County, and State of Wyoming was held on Monday, December 13, 2021, pursuant to the law. 

Mayor Graves called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. The following were present at roll call: Councilmen Madsen, Britz, Race, and Montoya (by phone). Clerk/Treasurer Candy Wright and Attorney Doug Weaver were also present. Mayor Graves presented the agenda adding Municipal Judge appointment and Planning and Zoning appointment to New Business. Councilman Britz motioned, seconded by Councilman Montoya, to accept the agenda as amended. Motion passed 4-0. Councilman Race motioned, seconded by Councilman Britz, to accept the consent agenda as presented and to place it on file. Motion passed 4-0. November vouchers approved by Council are as follows: Airport Lighting Company, 722.21, digital aiming tilt sensor, Alexander Construction, 5,090.21, road base, Alsco, 155.41, mat rentals, Altec Inc., 4,949.33, bucket truck inspections,, 128.82, supplies, Amped Electrical Solutions LLC, 140.08, parts for spider box, AT&T Mobility, 259.44, mobile internet for PD, Atlas Office Products Inc, 97.91,supplies, BDO,18,000.00, audit, Black Hills Energy, 3,378.92, heat, Blackburn Mfg., 112.22, parts, Bloedorn Lumber,1,387.60, supplies, Blue Tarp Financial,54.21, snow blower parts, Bomgaars, 1,305.67, safety/supplies, Border States Industries, Inc, 2,340.84, parts/materials, Brandon Graves, 750.00, Town Council, Britz, William R, 150.00, Town Council, Capital Business System Inc, 868.21, copier meter usage/Canon, Capital Business Systems Inc., 297.00, shop printer yearly, CenturyLink, 419.04, phones, City of Torrington, 11,598.20, sanitation disposal, CMI-Teco,107.76, supplies, Code Publishing Company, 350.00, web hosting annual fee, Colorado Paint Co, 2,122.78, paint, Desert Mountain Corp., 4,771.79, ice slicer, Drube Supply, 191.93, supplies, Energy Labs Inc., 264.00, sewer test, Estes Express Line, 433.63, supplies, Farmer Brothers Coffee,152.00, coffee, Fat Boys Tire & Repair, 3,266.73, tires, First Bankcard, 68.38, build a sign, First Bankcard, 2,167.92, trainings/Google/supplies/parts, First State Bank, 50,000.00, health claims, Frenchman Valley Coop, 4,072.80, propane and tank lease, Fusion Cloud Services LLC, 713.42, phones, Heimsoth, Travis, 750.00, Electrical Inspector, Herdt, Ruth, 200.00, office cleaning, Hillside Rental, 305.00, scissor lift, Horton Fuels LLC, 7,207.39, fuel, Ideal, 84.86, coveralls, JME Fire & Hoist Protection Inc,1,363.48, annual inspection, John Deer Financial, 317.01, supplies, Kinsco, 2,648.80, parts/supplies, soft trauma pack, KYCN Radio, 200.00, advertisement, Lambert, Michale, 200.00, cleaning shop, Laramie Fire Extinguisher Services LLC, 420.75,yearly inspection, LogMein Communications, Inc, 567.75, phones, Madsen, Alan, 150.00, Town Council, McElmurry, Jeanie R, 325.00, cleaning Town Hall, Meritain Health, 28,941.20, Health Premiums, MES–Rocky Mountains, 5,563.31, compressor service, Mitchell 1,3,180.00,parts, Montoya, Anthony,150.00,Council Meetings, One Stop Safety Solutions, 2,135.00, training, O'Reilly Automotive Inc, 13.99, floor dry, Peterbuilt of WY, 199.57, handle inside release, Pitney Bowes Global, 218.85, postage machine lease, Pocket Press LLC, 108.40,10 WY criminal/traffic laws, Premier Calibrating & Technical Service, 1,400.00, on- site re-certification, Productivity Plus, 59.92, parts, Productivity Plus, 193.16, parts/supplies, Quill Corp,132.24, supplies, Race, Donald,150.00,Town Council, Record Times & PC Merchant,100.00, PD - ad, Restoring Oaks Counseling, 800.00, counseling, Rolling Hills, 60,000.00, trash truck payment, State of WY, 14,704.94, Utility Sales Tax, State of WY OSHA Division, 38.70, record request, Stevenson, Terry, 200.00, Emergency Management, Superior Contracting LLC, 6,864.00, trash hauling, Symbiosa, 1,000.00, GIS/mapping, T.C. Edwards, 1,018.39, gas line for generator/shop heater, TDS Collection Service Inc., 2,941.20, rolloff c&d, Thrifty Foods, 97.05, supplies, T-O Engineers,12,880.00, engineering airport, Trihydro Corp, 2,764.18, landfill monitoring, USA Blue Book,1,101.85, hydrant swing arm Mueller, Valli Information System Inc, 980.59, mailing of bills, Verizon Wireless,335.14,cell phone service, WARWS, 450.00, membership, Wheatland Fire Dept Foundation,131.37, Herb, Wheatland R.E.A., 7,051.47, electric purchase, WY Dept of Transportation, 2,205.15, 16th ST, WyoLogic Inc., 3,556.50, apc ups backup pro 1500va, WY Municipal Power,190,872.77, power bill, WY Retirement System, 450.00, firemen-retirement, WY Wireless Internet, Inc,75.00, town hall internet, WY Workers Compensation, 570.06,fire workers comp,, 20.00,web hosting, SPET: Border States Electric, 385.63, supplies Total Payroll $192,670.33 Total $682,738.46  PUBLIC COMMENTS: Mr. Morton Tillman expressed his concerns on the excessive speeds being driven on 16th Street and the lack of police patrol. Councilman Montoya thanked Ken Wilcox for his 22 years of service with the Town.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Councilman Madsen motioned, seconded by Councilman Britz, to accept the Agreement with Platte County Fire District 1F with noted changes. Motion Passed 4-0. Councilman Britz provided an update on the economic health and development trends for the community.  NEW BUSINESS: Councilman Britz motioned, seconded by Councilman Race, to approve Ordinance 834 on first reading. Motion passed 4-0. Ordinance 834 Amending Wheatland Municipal Code (WMC) Title 18 to Reform Sections, Eliminate or Revise Obsolete Provisions, Combine Districts, and Create New Districts to Encourage Growth and Economic Development in the Town of Wheatland. Councilman Madsen motioned, seconded by Councilman Race, to approve Ordinance 835 on first reading. Motion passed 3-1 with Councilman Britz voting no. Ordinance 835 Rezoning 1554 and 1556 Gilchrist Street, Town of Wheatland, Original Town, Block 132 Lot 10.  Councilman Britz motioned, seconded by Councilman Madsen to approve Ordinance 836 on first reading. Motion failed 0-4. Ordinance 836 Approving the De-Annexation of Lot B of the Willis Lot Split Subdivision from the Town of Wheatland, Wyoming. Councilman Britz motioned, seconded by Councilman Madsen to approve the Airport Rescue Grant Agreement in the amount of $32,000. Motion passed 4-0.

Councilman Race motioned, seconded by Councilman Britz to appoint Mr. John Harris as the Municipal Judge and to have an official swearing in at our January meeting. Motion passed 4-0.

Councilman Madsen motioned, seconded by Councilman Race to appoint Mr. Clay Becker to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Motion passed 4-0. With nothing further to come before the Council the meeting adjourned 9:10 p.m. S/N:  Mayor Brandon Graves Attest:  S/N:  Clerk Candy Wright  

Public Notice No. 11093. To be published in the Platte County Record - December 29, 2021.