Public Notice No. 11054


Take notice that Lee’s Towing has possession of the following described motor vehicle(s) or trailers(s) To Wit:

Item Vin / Serial Number

2017 PETERBILT 1XPBD49X0HD360084

2006 WABASH 1JJV532W16L969718

2022 POLARIS 3NSNAE927MF585735

2022 POLARIS 3NSNAE926MF585743

2022 POLARIS 3NSGXD994MH217435

2022 POLARIS 3NSGXJ995MH654553

2022 POLARIS 3NSGXD993MH649093

2022 POLARIS 3NSNGXJ99MH645718

2022 POLARIS 3NSNAK994MN866165

2022 POLARIS 3NSNAE999MN865529

2022 POLARIS 3NSNAE926MF585791

2022 POLARIS 3NSNAE924MF585742

2022 POLARIS 3NSNAE928MF585792

and the same shall be sold as storage property at a cost to cover expenses on OCT 25, 2021 at 9:00 O'clock A.M. at the following address: 48 South Wheatland Highway, Wheatland, Wyoming. Vehicles may be viewed at: 48 South Wheatland Highway, Wheatland, Wyoming before sale date with arrangements of the landowner.

Public Notice No. 11054. To be published in the Platte County Record - October 13 and 20, 2021.