Public Notice No. 11014

PURSUANT TO WYOMING STATE STATUTE §18-3-516(b)(i), all salaries listed herein are actual wages, not including any benefits, paid to all full time Town of Wheatland employees and elected officials for Fiscal Year 2020 – 2021. The salaries listed herein include any overtime earned by and paid to the employee.  Mayor and Councilmen: Mayor Graves, Brandon 9,000.00, Councilman Ashenhurst, Thane 900.00 Councilman Britz, William 1,800.00, Councilman Madsen, Alan 1,950.00, Councilman Montoya, Anthony 900.00, Councilman Race, Donald 450.00, Councilman Schindler, Jamie 1,350.00; Administration:  Attorney Weaver, Douglas 24,000.00, Municipal Judge Mickelsen, Vicki 10,800.00  Clerk/Treasurer, Wright, Candy 70,514.35 Deputy Clerk/ Treasurer Enniss, Tabitha 50,040.36, Billing Clerk, Caves, ReAnnah 41,490.56 Front Office Clerk, Allbright, Lorraine 32,881.95; Building and Planning: Building Inspector, Nuchraksa, Andrew 44,433.07, County/ City Planner, Clark, Amy 48,817.51;  Cemetery: Lambert, Donald 50,384.26 Electric Department:  Electrical Superintendent, Pinneo, Kenneth 94,141.50 Electrical Foreman, Harston, Richard 50,509.84, Journeyman Lineman Meier, Preston 59,031.00 Journeyman Lineman, Holthus, Bo 54,812.98, Apprentice Lineman, Thomas, John 3,280.32; Motor Pool: Mechanic, Breeden, James 50,214.43 Mechanic, Jones, Ralph 9,237.91 Parks:  Parks Maintenance Supervisor, Day, Robert 60,427.86 Parks Maintenance Lambert, Michael 52,375.99   Parks Maintenance/ Building Maintenance, Wilcox, Kenneth 52,375.99; Police Department:  Police Chief, Willadsen Douglas, 61,512.43, Police Sergeant, Niemi, Jason 60,229.81, Police Sergeant, Gill, Zachary 52,772.65 Police Officer, Dumont, Douglas 47,778.49, Police Officer, Otte, Bradley 50,809.34, Police Officer, Fernandez, Alex 46,570.28, Police Officer, Minsaas, Dalton 47,929.17, Police Officer, Sippel, Andrea 18,114.68, Police Officer, Williams, Alexander 43,895.55, Secretary/ Records Clerk Herdt, Ruth 49,658.49; Sanitation Department: Sanitation Supervisor, Crowe, Dean 49,140.23, Sanitation Driver, Cochran, Clayton, 42,467.23, Sanitation Driver, Duvall, Clyde 43,921.95, Sanitation Driver, Morgan, Devonna 36,508.72, Sanitation Driver, Thomas, Jeffery 35,187.19, Transfer Station Attendant, Owens, Karen, 39,909.63, Street Department: Street Supervisor, Hohnholt, Toby 50,082.46, Street Operator, Foos, Forest 24,605.46, Street Operator, Herman, Darrell 26,175.15, Street Operator, Lauck, Warren 16,148.60, Street Operator, Lowry, Travis 39,349.05, Street Operator Tillman, Bailey 6,921.63; Water/Sewer Department: Water/Sewer Systems Superintendent, Keck, Rick 72,844.05, Water/Sewer Operator, Kaft, Bryan 52,594.73, Water/Sewer Operator, Zakowski Jr, John 49,243.16, Meter Reader, Hattan, Jennifer 36,843.21.

Public Notice No. 11014. To be published in the Platte County Record - August 11, 2021.