Public Notice No. 11012

Unapproved Record of the August 3, 2021 Proceedings of the Platte County Commissioners in Wheatland, WY - The regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners was called to order at 9:00 A.M. with the following present: Steve Shockley, Commission Chairman; Ian Jolovich, Commissioner; Kayla Mantle, Commissioner; and Malcolm Ervin, County Clerk. Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to approve the agenda. The motion carried. Mrs. Mantle motioned, seconded by Mr. Jolovich, to approve the July 20th regular and July 22nd special meeting minutes. The motion carried. Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to approve the vouchers as presented. The motion carried. Vouchers Approved for Payment: PAYROLL, GROSS 304,598.37 PC TAX ACCOUNT 22,741.27 WY DEPT OF WORKFORCE SVCS 5,630.49 WYOMING RETIREMENT SYSTEM 51,342.70  911 SYSTEM PHONE CENTURY LINK - SEATTLE 1,706.95 AG EXT NEW EQUIP XEROX FINANCIAL SERVICES 303.78 SUPPLIES XESI DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS 251.76 UTILITIES BLACK HILLS ENERGY 33.49 ASSESSOR SUPPLIES AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 28.25 ATTORNEY POSTAGE QUADIENT LEASING USA INC 827.88  MIDWEST CONNECT 303.00 CLERK OF COURT MILEAGE & EXP MONA MCAULEY 203.31 SUPPLIES AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 273.84 CLERK SUPPLIES STATE OF WYOMING 15.80 COMMISSIONERS ENG/SURVEYS STEIL SURVEYING SERVICES WHEATLAND 180.00 PLANNER US POSTAL SERVICE-NEOPOST POSTAGE 2,000.00 CORONER FACILITY RENT GORMAN FUNERAL HOME 1,050.00 SUPPLIES AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 114.93 COURTHOUSE BLDG MAINT PRODUCTIVITY PLUS ACCOUNT 43.74  AG HEATING & COOLING LLC 370.87 SUPPLIES IDEAL/BLUFFS FACILITY SOLUTIONS 350.84 UTILITIES BLACK HILLS ENERGY 579.97 COVID-19 Response AMERICLEAN 12,973.82 DETENTION MEDICAL CARE MCKESSON MEDICAL SURGICAL 421.43  SOUTH STREET PHARMACY 873.08  PUBLIC HEALTH DIVISION 99.00  SMITH PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES 400.00 REPAIR/MAINT CORVINUS GROUP LLC 3,100.00  DOMINGUEZ PLUMBING LLC 303.98  ROCKY MOUNTAIN FIRE SYSTEMS INC 1,169.91  AG HEATING & COOLING LLC 180.00 TRAINING AARMS 195.00 VEHICLE REP WHEATLAND AUTOMOTIVE 26.05 EMERGENCY MGT FACILITY RENT PLATTE COUNTY 700.00 MISC GEN LEASED EQUIP CAPITAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC 2,095.98 MEDICAL INS WYOMING HEALTH FAIRS 45.00 MEDICAL INS UNITED STATES TREASURY 358.14 PHONE FIRST CALL COMMUNICATIONS 325.00 PH GRANTS* BIOTERRORISM STEVE P PEASLEY MD 800.00  BLACK HILLS ENERGY 30.29 PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICER STEVE P PEASLEY MD 365.00 STATE REIMB WYOMING DEPT OF HEALTH 17,035.32 SUPPLIES SYNCB/AMAZON 128.97  CENTURY LINK - SEATTLE 46.56 VACCINE SANOFI PASTEUR 403.89 R & B UTILITIES BLACK HILLS ENERGY 35.89  TDS COLLECTION SERVICE INC 30.00 VEHICLE REP DRUBE SUPPLY 23.98  WHEATLAND AUTOMOTIVE 1,605.73 SCRF WYDOT FINANCIAL SERVICES 24.91  ERGON ASPHALT & EMULSIONS INC 378.00  CROELL INC 10,415.22 SHERIFF NEW EQUIP THE RUGGED STORE 1,047.00 SUPPLIES STOP STICK LTD 2,863.00  VERITEQUE USA INC DBA SWABTEK 1,263.20 TREASURER SUPPLIES STATE OF WYOMING 14.62  US POSTAL SERVICE - POST MASTER 100.00 Vaccine Campaign HELMER INC 7,598.96  TOTAL 460,428.17. Sick Leave Donations: Mrs. Mantle motioned, seconded by Mr. Jolovich, to approve the donation of 236 hours of sick time. The motion carried. Bureau of Land Management: Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to approve the BLM right-of-way renewal for Grayrocks Road. The motion carried. Building Certificates: Planner Clark presented a building certificate for Dustin & Sherry Nash for approval. 2021 Mill Levies: Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to certify mill levies as presented for 2021. The motion carried. The total taxes to be collected for 2021 is $15,196,762. Chamber of Commerce: Shawna Reichert and Cindy DeLancey updated the Commissioners about the rodeo held during the 2021 fair. The rodeo drew approximately 800 attendees. Executive Session: At 9:32 AM, Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to call for an executive session for a personnel issue, pursuant to Wyoming State Statute §16-4-405(a)(ii). The motion carried. At 9:48 AM, Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to exit executive session where no decisions were made. The motion carried. Public Health: Nicole Sticka, Nurse Manager, spoke to the Commissioners about the Public Health Response Coordinator (PHRC) position, which is currently part-time. She said the state of Wyoming is looking to fund the PHRC position as a full-time position. YO Ranch Improvement & Service District: Georgeann Martinez and Jim Arbogast, board members, informed the commissioners that the YO Ranch ISD intends to establish and collect fees from landowners within the YO Ranch subdivision to cover the cost of operating and maintaining their roads. COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates: Mark Weir, Darrel Harris, Chloe Butler and numerous others spoke about their concerns of COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The group is concerned about local entities mandating that their employees receive a COVID-19 vaccine, especially Banner Health who manages the Platte County Memorial Hospital. Courthouse Renovation Project: Greg Orr, Project Manager, presented a detailed budget of the project. Mr. Orr updated the commissioners about the HVAC system and other changes that effect the project’s price. 4-H Building Reconstruction Project: Greg Orr, Project Manager, asked whether any issues arose with the Agriplex during fair. The commissioners relayed the few complaints, and numerous compliments, about the building they had received. There being no further business the meeting adjourned at approximately 12:00 P.M.

Public Notice No. 11012. To be published in the Platte County Record - August 11, 2021.