Public Notice No. 10953

UNAPPOVED RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS FOR THE GOVERNING BODY OF THE TOWN OF WHEATLAND A regular meeting of the Council for the Town of Wheatland, Platte County, and State of Wyoming was held on Monday, May 10, 2021 pursuant to the law.  Mayor Graves called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  The following were present at roll call: Councilmen Madsen, Montoya, and Race.  Clerk/Treasurer Candy Wright and Attorney Doug Weaver were also present.  Mayor Graves presented the agenda requesting to add an executive session.  Councilman Race motioned, seconded by Councilman Montoya, to accept the agenda as amended.  Motion passed 3-0. Councilman Race motioned, seconded by Councilman Madsen, to accept the consent agenda as presented and to place it on file.  Motion passed 3-0. May vouchers approved by Council are as follows: 4 Rivers Equipment, 158.48, mower parts, Absolute Solutions, 415.00, troubleshoot connection problems, Airgas, 915.87, charger, Airport Lighting Co, 1,302.90, runway lights, AJ Signs & Engraving, 61.00, councilman plate/plaque, Alexander Construction, 2,605.96, tons base, Allbright, Lorraine, 47.83, supplies, Allied Hand Dryer LTD, 298.00, baby changing station, Alsco, 159.09, mat rentals,, 34.94, supplies, Amped Electrical Solutions, 338.78, install cord cap on adapter, Arrowhead Scientific Inc., 420.26, paper evidence bag printed, AT&T Mobility, 259.44, mobile internet for PD, Atlas Office Products Inc, 748.34, office supplies, Black Hills Energy, 3,578.52, heat, Bloedorn Lumber, 777.27, shop supplies, Blue Tarp Financial, 39.99, shop supply, Bomgaars, 720.10, utility supplies, Border States Electric, 33.08, electric supply, Brandon Graves, 750.00, Town Council, Britz, William R, 150.00, Town Council, Capital Business System INC, 788.54, copier usage, CenturyLink, 417.43, phones, City of Torrington, 11,733.00, sanitation disposal, Civil Air Patrol Magazine, 195.00, advertising, Claco Equip & Service, 1,319.00, projector repairs, Clarke Mosquito Control Products, 383.78, supplies, Cody Hotline School, 175.00, training, Crescent Electric, 97.41, lamps, Dana Kepner, 456.00, supplies, DBC Irrigation Supply, 64.29, parts, Drube Supply, 298.38, supplies, Energy Labs, 264.00, testing, Faris Machinery, 1,404.20, parts, Fat Boys Tire & Repair, 463.18, tire & tire repair, First Bankcard, 3,265.72, training/supplies/google, First State Bank 50,000.00, Health Claims, Fusion Cloud Services LLC, 712.04, phones, H & H Electric, 5,267.93, hung new panel trans, Heimsoth, Travis, 750.00, Electrical Inspector, Herdt,  Ruth, 200.00, office cleaning, Hincklease, 11,600.00, ford explorer 2016 payout k9, Horton Fuels LLC, 7,248.70, fuel, Hotsy Equipment of N. Colorado Inc., 8,000.00, Hotsy, Ideal, 127.29, coveralls, John Deer Financial, 536.04, supplies, Kittelson, Reana,16,000.00, Cinema West, KYCN Radio, 200.00, advertising, Lambert, Michale, 200.00, Cleaning Shop, logmein Communications, Inc, 568.04, phones, Madsen, Alan, 150.00, Town Council, Marc, 126.15, supplies, McElmurry, Jeanie, 325.00, clean Town Hall, Meritain Health, 25,260.24, health premiums, Montoya, Anthony,150.00, Town Council, Norman’s Memorials Inc., 100.00,  Arter, John, Northwest Pipe Fittings Inc, 140.00, parts, One Stop Safety Solutions, 2,020.00, OSHA 10, O'Reilly Automotive Inc, 42.64, parts, P.C. Resource Dist, 103.35, Arbor Day trees, Partsmaster, 3,773.22, flammable safety cabinet legs, Quest Inc, 6,526.74, digital cable locator, standalone fault locator, Quill Corporation, 226.71, office supplies, Race, Donald, 150.00, Town Council, Record Times, 900.83, advertisement, Resource Management, 292.50, tire disposal, Safety-Kleen, 148.80, parts washer, Spic & Span Cleaners, 5,561.25, weed killer, State of WY, 16,786.46, Utility Sales Tax, Stevenson, Terry, 200.00, Emergency Management, Streets, Mark, 500.00, Fire Inspector, T.C. Edwards, 1,865.35, furnace repair Cinema West, TDS Collection Service Inc., 4,734.00, rolloff c&d, Teel Gun Works, Lilac, 385.25, night sights, The Tire Shop, 1,437.47, tire/repair, Thrifty Foods, 377.90, supplies, TW Enterprises Inc, 718.83, supplies, USA Blue Book, 413.02, supplies, V.F.W. Auxiliary #3558, 100.00, Mother’s Day tea, Verizon Wireless, 261.39, cellphones, Wesco Receivables, 3,132.60, electric supplies, Western Bldg., 21.90, cut off wheel, Western United Elect. Supply, 85.05, rubber goods testing and cable, Wheatland Automotive, 1,229.55, auto parts, Wheatland COOP, 299.94, supplies, Wheatland R.E.A., 7,100.14, electric purchase, WY Dept of Agriculture, 50.00, concessions permit, Wyologic Inc. 2,072.50, IT & website, Wyoming Municipal Power, 208,272.59, power bill, WY Retirement, 431.25, firemen’s retirement, WY Wireless Internet, Inc, 75.00, internet town hall, WY Workers’ Comp., 194.31, fire workers comp,, 20.00, web hosting, Exponential Engineering, 3465.00 south street phase two, Border State, 129.32 supplies, Exponential Engineering, 4885.50 engineering, Western United Electrical Supplies, 19,641.32, switch gear, Total Payroll, $164,885.53 Total Vouchers $626,318.42  Public Comments: Mayor Graves and the Town Council expressed their gratitude and recognized Rena Kittelson for her years of service at Cinema West. The Wheatland Historic Preservation Commission presented a certificate from the National Register of Historic Places designating downtown as an official Downtown Historic District. There will be a ribbon cutting commemorating the designation on May 26th at the Pocket Park.  Platte County Economic and Development director gave an update on the 16th Street project and Heather Ferguson approached the council to discuss future plans for Cinema West.  UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Ms. Ann Bernard requested an update from Council on the gutter obstruction in front of her neighbor’s home.  Councilman Madsen motioned, seconded by Councilman Montoya, to reverse the decision requiring Mr. McDonald to remove his gutter obstruction. Motion passed 3-0. New Business: Planner Clark presented a re-plat of Parmley Minor Subdivision.  Councilman Race motioned, seconded by Councilman Madsen, to approve the re-plat of the Parmley minor subdivision. Motion Passed 3-0.  Councilman Madsen motioned, seconded by Councilman Race, to purchase liability insurance from LGLP for fiscal year 2021-2022.   Motion passed 3-0.

Councilman Montoya motioned, seconded by Madsen, to award the landfill monitoring contract to Trihydro Corporation.   Motion passed 3-0. Councilman Montoya motioned, seconded by Councilman Madsen, to move into executive session at 8:09 p.m. for the purpose of contract discussions.  Motion passed 3-0. Councilman Madsen motioned, seconded by Councilman Race, to adjourn out of executive session at 8:51 p.m.  No action was taken.  With nothing further to come before the Council the meeting adjourned 8:51 p.m.  /N:  Mayor Brandon Graves Attest:  S/N:  Clerk Candy Wright  

Public Notice No. 10953. To be published in the Platte County Record - Times May 26, 2021.