Public Notice No. 10935

Unapproved Record of the April 20, 2021 Proceedings of the Platte County Commissioners in Wheatland, WY –The regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners was called to order at 9:00 A.M. with the following present: Steve Shockley, Commission Chairman; Ian Jolovich, Commissioner; Kayla Mantle, Commissioner; and Malcolm Ervin, County Clerk. Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to approve the agenda. The motion carried. Mrs. Mantle motioned, seconded by Mr. Jolovich, to approve the minutes from the last regular meeting. The motion carried. Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to approve the vouchers as presented. The motion carried. Vouchers Approved for Payment: 911 SYSTEM PHONE AT&T 52.20  CENTURY LINK 118.80 AG EXT MILEAGE & EXP FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 22.79 REPAIR/MAINT AG HEATING AND COOLING 213.12  JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 519.99 SALARY JEANIE R MCELMURRY 200.00 STATE REIMB UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 6,634.50 SUPPLIES THRIFTY FOODS 13.47 UW - EXTENSION, PLATTE COUNTY OFFICE 24.94  XEROX CORPORATION 303.78  XESI DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS 130.48 ASSESSOR POSTAGE THE MASTER'S TOUCH, LLC 3,444.00 CLERK MILEAGE & EXP FIRST BANKCARD CENTER 62.23 SUPPLIES STEPHENS-PECK,INC 100.00 CLERK OF COURT COSTS HERBERT K DOBY 10.00  KENNETH BROWN 1,050.00  Office of State Public Defender 23,493.42  PALEN LAW OFFICES, LLP 1,320.00 COMMISSIONERS PLANNER FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 17.59  PLATTE COUNTY RECORD TIMES 159.48 CORONER AUTOPSIES JAMES A WILKERSON IV, M.D. 1,250.00  NMS LABS 613.00 MILEAGE & EXP FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 45.13 SUPPLIES PHILIP G MARTIN 14.40 COURTHOUSE BLDG MAINT AG HEATING AND COOLING 90.00 JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 237.99  SHRED-IT USA 94.45 SUPPLIES IDEAL LINEN / BLUFFS 557.84 DETENTION BD OF PRISONERS BOB BARKER CO, INC 764.08  CASH WA DISTRIBUTING 13,374.64  COOK'S CORR KITCHEN EQUIP. 53.53  GENE DAVIS DISTRIBUTING 561.61 JO-ED PRODUCE 830.05  THRIFTY FOODS 311.63 MEDICAL CARE INSTITUTIONAL EYE CARE 76.00  MEMORIAL HOSPITAL OF CONVERSE COUNTY 476.00 NEW EQUIP ABSOLUTE SOLUTIONS 299.84 REPAIR/MAINT CORVINUS ROUP LLC 3,100.00  DOMINGUEZ PLUMBING LLC 106.00  JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 1.79  THOMPSON GLASS 340.00 SUPPLIES ULINE 611.11 VISA 55.35 INFO TECH SOFTWARE ESRI 2,200.00 FIRST BANKCARD CENTER 1,850.40 MISC GEN MEDICAL INS DELTA DENTAL 1,726.20  PLATTE COUNTY MEDICAL ACCOUNT 101,381.66  Wyoming Health Fairs 3,375.00 MISC FIRST BANKCARD CENTER 13.77 GEN PHONE FIRST CALL COMMUNICATIONS 85.00  FUSION CLOUD SERVICES LLC 1,000.42  LOGMEIN 1,952.40  VISIONARY COMMUNICATIONS INC 577.98 PRINTING/PUBL PLATTE COUNTY RECORD TIMES 425.28 PH Grants* Crisis Funding KYCN/KZEW FM RADIO 986.00  PLATTE COUNTY RECORD TIMES 11,110.00 MFH PLATTE COUNTY RECORD TIMES 930.00 PUBLIC HEALTH SUPPLIES MCKESSON MEDICAL SURGICAL 54.14  OFFICE ALLY 35.00  WYOMING PUBLIC HEALTH LABORATORY 51.00 R & B NEW EQUIP HILLSIDE RENTAL 536.52 MAT/CULV/BRIDGES CONTECH ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS LLC 3,173.50 UTILITIES WHEATLAND REA 248.14 VEHICLE REP CMI-TECO. 89.65 FAT BOY'S TIRE & AUTO 7,500.40 FLINK 2,127.72 HONNEN EQUIP CO. 322.36 MHL SYSTEMS 17,662.00 WYOMING BEARING AND SUPPLY 979.72 WYOMING MACHINERY CO 2,785.58 SCRF FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 3,041.26 WEX BANK 749.27  WYDOT Financial services 51.46 SHERIFF EXTRADITION VISA 247.65 NEW EQUIP ABSOLUTE SOLUTIONS 299.84 SUPPLIES ATLAS OFFICE PRODUCTS. 452.78 VISA 115.57 WYOMING STATE BOARD OF PHARMACY 80.00 TRAINING VISA 40.00 VEHICLE REP KEYSTONE GROUP 72.75 O’REILLY AUTO PARTS 15.98 TREASURER POSTAGE STAMP FULFILLMENT SERVICES 1,375.00 USPS/ NEOPOST 2,000.00 SUPPLIES STAMP FULFILLMENT SERVICES 188.30 TOTAL 233,664.93. March 2021 Collections – Approved: Platte County Sheriff - $1,184.75. Encroachment Licenses: Encroachment licenses from Robert Marcus, Troy & Glenda Lay, and Wheatland REA were presented for approval. Maternal & Child Health Grant Agreement: Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to approve an MOU between Platte County and the Wyoming Department of Health for MCH funding in the sum of $30,225.00. The motion carried. County Treasurer: Kristi Rietz, County Treasurer, presented the County’s financial position as of March 31, 2021. Treasurer Rietz also spoke about projected revenue and the County’s cash-on-hand. Fire Warden: Aaron Clark, Platte County Fire Warden, presented a notification system for fire evacuation purposes. The system requires multiple agencies to work together to create and maintain the system, but the system would allow advanced warning of fire dangers. Wildland Fire Annual Operating Plan: Fire Warden Clark presented the annual operating plan, which the responsibilities of firefighting entities in, and around, the county. Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to approve the 2021 Wildland Fire Annual Operating Plan. The motion carried. Planning & Zoning Public Hearing: Planner Clark, presented a Special Use Permit request made by Visionary Communications to erect two pre-built 56-foot self-supporting broadband towers with storage building. The property in question is described as parts of the SW ¼ NW ¼, SE ¼ NW ¼, NW ¼ SW ¼ of Section 12, Township 24 North, Range 68 West, Wheatland. No public comment was offered. Mr. Jolovich asked about whether interference could occur with other frequencies thus obstructing other wireless providers. Greg Worthen, Visionary Communications, explained that frequency coordination is important to ensure interference does not exist. He further explained that if interference existed a phone call is sufficient to rectify the issue. He said common courtesy is the only form of regulation to prevent wireless internet frequencies. Mr. Shockley questioned the conditions recommended by the Planning & Zoning Commission. Mrs. Mantle motioned, seconded by Mr. Jolovich, to approve the Special Use Permit request made by Visionary Communications with conditions as recommended by Planning & Zoning. During discussion of the motion, Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to amend Mrs. Mantle’s motion and exclude condition number three, which would require a Town of Wheatland building permit prior to erecting the towers. Mr. Jovovich’s motion carried. The question then returned to Mrs. Mantle’s original motion, through passage of Mr. Jovovich’s motion, would exclude the requirement to obtain a Town of Wheatland building permit. Mrs. Mantle’s motion carried. The final conditions attached to this Special Use Permit are: 1) provide a Federal Communications Commission approval (if required) prior to applying for a Platte County Building Certificate; 2) work with the Wheatland Town Council and Platte County Commissioners to establish a Memorandum of Agreement for this project; 3) Notify One Call of Wyoming before beginning construction; 4) Be reviewed on a complaint basis. Planner Clark presented building certificates for approval from Visionary Communications, Robert & Anna Marcus, and two from Capstone Industries LLC. County Maintenance Department: Jim DeWitt, Maintenance Supervisor, updated the Commissioners about recent projects concerning the maintenance department, which included recovery from the recent snowstorm. Business Ready Community (BRC) Grant: A Public Hearing was called to order at 10:35 for the purpose of taking public comment about a joint BRC grant application between the Town of Wheatland and Platte County. The application is seeking $1,000,000 towards the 16th Street reconstruction project. No public comment was received. Courthouse Renovation Project: Greg Orr, Project Manager, informed the Commissioners that a budget for the Courthouse project should be completed by Sampson Construction within a week. Mr. Orr has asked Sampson Construction to advertise for subcontractor bids by the first week of May. Mr. Jolovich asked how the rising price of lumber may impact the project. Mr. Orr said Sampson’s budget will include current lumber prices. He did caution that bids are only valid for 48 hours due to the volatility of the construction and lumber markets. 4-H Building Reconstruction Project: Greg Orr, Project Manager, informed the Commissioners that the Fair Board had a walk through of the building that was open to the public. Mr. Orr said approximately 100 people showed up. According to Sampson Construction approximately 50 craftsmen were on site recently, which is making the progress move very quickly. Fair Board: All members off the Fair Board were present to speak about the 4-H Building Reconstruction Project. Mr. Shockley brought up a recent decision made by the Fair Board to rename the building the “Agriplex.” Erik Eddington, Fair Board member, said a survey was conducted on Facebook to gather suggestions to rename the building. Bill Klein, Board President, said the board was unaware they needed to run the naming past the Commissioners prior to making the decision. The purpose of the renaming, according to Mr. Klein, was to advertise the building as a building that is open to the public and not just a building for 4-H purposes. The Fair Board’s focus is to design, and market, the building in such a fashion to make it self-sustaining. Ton Winter and Sharon Utter spoke to the ineffectiveness of a Facebook page to allow public input or notice. Mrs. Utter provided a history of the building, which included fundraising undertaken by county youth and a dedication to 4-H in 1949. County Clerk: Clerk Ervin, discussed payroll and budget concerns for Fiscal Year 2022. There being no further business the meeting adjourned at approximately 12:30 P.M.

Public Notice No. 10935. To be published in the Platte County Record - Times April 28, 2021.