Public Notice No. 10906

The following private landowners were approved for the Platte County Weed and Pest Special Management Program for the control of blacktailed prairie dogs in the fiscal year 2020/2021. This program has an approximate cost of $141,477 which includes chemical used by the landowners and weed and pest application.  Records will be kept on file at the Platte County Weed and Pest office.

New Program Participants are:    AMVC Wyoming    Anderson Marcus
Anderson Pete    Ashenhurst Larry
Brow Clay    Caster Frances
Clark Robert    Cundall Jerry
Currier Brian    Delancy Cindy
Douglas Ernest    Eller Jack
Freudenthal Steve     Hedstrom James
Hiatt Ron     Jack Loomis Trust
Johnston Ken    Key Bar Ranch
Kusma Adene    McCartney Robert
Mitchel Wade    Mitchell Steve
Newton Darrel    Reyes Juan
Rietz James    Ross Steve
Slim Ranch    Smith Carmen
Stumbough Marjorie    Thompson Grover
Tinsley Del    True Ranch
Twiford Jack

Public Notice No. 10906. To be published in the Platte County Record - Times March 17, 2021.