Public Notice No. 10905

The following private landowners were added to the Platte County Weed and Pest Special Management Program for the control of leafy spurge in the fiscal year 2020/2021. This program has an approximate cost of $8,341 which includes chemical used by the landowners, weed and pest application and/or aerial application.  Records will be kept on file at the Platte County Weed and Pest office.

Anderson, Marcus    Anderson, Pete
Artery Dave    Ash, Zac
Bard Ranch    Bateman Scott
Bayer Mark    Brickman, Doug
Brown, Melanie    Buffington, Don
Burns Land & Cattle    Clark, Aaron
Cundall, Jerry    Cundall, Sharie
Cundall, Tyler    Curtis, Doug
Dilts Ranch    Fancher Ranch
Farris, George      Finnerty, Dean
Fowler, Mary    Geringer, Darin
Geringer, Joe    Grabowski, Lance
Goodrich, James    Hanks, Tim
Harvey, Dale    Heatherly, Mike
Hyche, Ryker    Irvine Ranch
Johnson, Herb    Johnson, Richard
Jolley, Harmel    JY Ranch
Kahler, Price    Loomis Trust
Mathis, Jim    McKay, Mike
Millar, David & Cathy    Mitchell, Wade
Preston, Robin    Preuit, Tracy
Price, Jim    Pronghorn Development
Roff, Jim    Rosengreen, Sam
Runyan, Doug    Scicluna, Mike
Schanaman, Ronald    Schroeder, Rodger
Shockley, Sumner    Stanfield, Ted
Stumbough, Marjorie    Sturgeon, Chuck
Triangle Long Bar    True Ranches
Utter Sharon & Wade    Wakkuri Mike
Williams Kelly    Wood, Ryan
Wyoming Financial Properties

Public Notice No. 10905. To be published in the Platte County Record - Times March 17, 2021.