Public Notice No. 10900

Unapproved Record of the February 16, 2021 Proceedings of the Platte County Commissioners in Wheatland, WY –
The regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners was called to order at 9:00 A.M. with the following present: Steve Shockley, Commission Chairman; Ian Jolovich, Commissioner; Kayla Mantle, Commissioner; and Cary Shubert, Deputy County Clerk. Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to approve the agenda. The motion carried. Mrs. Mantle motioned, seconded by Mr. Jolovich, to approve the minutes from the last regular meeting and the February 26th special meeting. The motion carried. Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to approve the vouchers as presented. The motion carried. Mrs. Mantle motioned, seconded by Mr. Jolovich, to approve the amended joint powers agreement with the Wyoming Association of Risk Management and authorize the chairman to execute the agreement. The motion carried. Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to approve the transfer of 184 hours of sick time from four employees to one. The motion carried. Vouchers Approved for Payment: CARES Act Charitable Relief COVENANT LUTHERAN CHURCH 397.42 FOOD 4 WEEKENDS 3,016.72 GLENDO VOLUNTEER AMBULANCE 13,388.11 GUERNSEY COMMUNITY FOOD PANTRY 4,344.40 LAKE GUERNSEY VFW POST #4471 24,970.00  LARAMIE PEAK VFW AUXILIARY POST #3558 2,778.04 MARGE CARES FOUNDATION 15,660.50 PLATTE COUNTY 4-H LEADERS COUNCIL 14,515.00 PLATTE COUNTY LEGACY HOME FOUNDATION 8,986.00 PROJECT SAFE INC 10,022.32  SALVATION ARMY 250.00 TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH 397.43 PAYROLL, GROSS 272,643.77 PC TAX ACCOUNT 36,677.10 FORT DEARBORN LIFE 204.06 WY DEPT OF WORKFORCE SVCS 7,750.31 WYOMING RETIREMENT SYSTEM 45,265.75 911 SYSTEM PHONE CENTURYLINK. 585.27 AG EXT POSTAGE Jamie Hunter 16.05 REPAIR/MAINT JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 19.96 SALARY JEANIE R MCELMURRY 200.00 SUPPLIES JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 35.97 XESI DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS 140.08 UTILITIES BLACK HILLS ENERGY 138.82 CLERK OF COURT COSTS BARNES LAW LLC 690.00 PALEN LAW OFFICES, LLP 1,330.00 SUPPLIES INDOFF INCORPORATED 198.00 CLERK MILEAGE & EXP Malcolm Ervin 280.00 SUPPLIES ENTERPRISE TECH SERVICES 6.84 OFFICE DEPOT 57.84 COMMISSIONERS ENG/SURVEYS HAL H HUTCHINSON PE CIVIL ENG 365.30 CORONER AUTOPSIES NMS LABS 252.00 FACILITY RENT GORMAN FUNERAL HOME 1,050.00 COURTHOUSE BLDG MAINT A & M ELECTRIC, LLC 850.16 JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 630.51 TERMINIX. 70.00 SUPPLIES IDEAL LINEN / BLUFFS 212.86 UTILITIES BLACK HILLS ENERGY 2,569.28 COVID-19 Response AMERICLEAN 12,973.82 Surveillance & Testing AMAZON 2,017.99 DETENTION REPAIR/MAINT A & M ELECTRIC, LLC 1,096.24 DOMINGUEZ PLUMBING LLC 155.00 JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 212.91 SOUTHWEST PLUMBING & MECHANICAL LLC 1,399.05 TC EDWARDS PLUMBING & ELECTRICAL 1,864.54 SUPPLIES AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 26.66 JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 18.36 TRAINING AARMS 195.00 DISPATCH SUPPLIES BURNS INSURANCE OF WHEATLAND 50.00 ELECTIONS MILEAGE & EXP Malcolm Ervin 36.96 EMERGENCY MGT FACILITY RENT PLATTE COUNTY 700.00 INFO TECH REPAIR/MAINT WyoLogic Inc 1,120.00 MISC GEN INSURANCE LOCAL GOVERNMENT LIAB. POOL 25,800.00 WOOLINGTON AGENCY 100.00 LEASED EQUIP CAPITAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS 1,895.84 QUADIENT LEASING USA INC - DEPT 3682 1,444.81 PRINTING/PUBL OFFICE DEPOT 599.85 PH GRANTS* BIOTERRORISM BLACK HILLS ENERGY 30.23 STEVE P PEASLEY, MD 800.00 PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICER STEVE P PEASLEY, MD 365.00 STATE REIMB WY DEPT OF HEALTH Attn Bonnie Spiece 13,181.43 SUPPLIES CENTURYLINK. 44.28 R & B UTILITIES BLACK HILLS ENERGY 128.54 VEHICLE REP BOMGAARS SUPPLY INC 352.46 CMI-TECO. 97.12 DOUGLAS B KINSLEY 72.04 Inland Truck Parts & Service 1,603.24 JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 195.05 MHC KENWORTH 85.20 SCRF WEX BANK 544.35 SHERIFF NEW EQUIP THE RUGGED STORE 461.00 VEHICLE REP KB AUTO BODY 391.67 Premier Vehicle Installation Inc 53.89 SAFETY VISION 112.20 TREASURER SUPPLIES ENTERPRISE TECH SERVICES 11.80 TOTAL 541,202.40 February 2021 Collections – Approved: Malcolm Ervin, Clerk - $11,125.50; Mona McAuley, Clerk of District Court - $2,412.25; Circuit Court of the 8th Judicial District - $14,038.00. Road & Bridge: Superintendent Beal Angle, updated the Commissioners on vehicle maintenance and working on some culverts to be able to lay concrete. Beal is looking into getting some tree trimming in their schedule if the weather permits. Don Canaday: Spoke to the Commissioners regarding his neighbor’s bull getting on his property and destroying some of his personal property. The Commissioners explained to Don Canaday that the Commissioner’s do not enforce covenants and it is a civil issue between the parties involved. Courthouse Renovation Project: Greg Orr, Project Manager provided the Commissioners the detail of the budget for the renovation project. Fire Warden: Mr. Clark will be rescheduled for the next Commissioner meeting for March 16th. There being no further business the meeting adjourned at approximately 10:50 A.M.

Public Notice No. 10900. To be published in the Platte County Record - Times March 10, 2021.