Public Notice No. 10881

Unapproved Record of the February 2, 2021 Proceedings of the Platte County Commissioners in Wheatland, WY –
The regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners was called to order at 9:00 A.M. with the following present: Steve Shockley, Commission Chairman; Ian Jolovich, Commissioner; Kayla Mantle, Commissioner; and Cary Shubert, Deputy County Clerk. Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to approve the agenda. The motion carried. Mrs. Mantle motioned, seconded by Mr. Jolovich, to approve the minutes from the last regular meeting and the January 26, 2021 special meeting. The motion carried. Mrs. Mantle motioned, seconded by Mr. Jolovich, to approve the vouchers as presented. The motion carried. Vouchers Approved for Payment: PAYROLL, GROSS 294,535.74 PC TAX ACCOUNT 21,610.07 FORT DEARBORN LIFE 204.06 WY DEPT OF WORKFORCE SVCS 8,101.00 WYOMING RETIREMENT SYSTEM 47,614.06 911 SYSTEM NEW EQUIP ABSOLUTE SOLUTIONS 510.00 PHONE CERTIFIED BUSINESS SERVICES 1,582.11 AG EXT POSTAGE UW - EXTENSION, PLATTE COUNTY OFFICE 16.95 SALARY JEANIE R MCELMURRY 200.00 STATE REIMB UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 6,634.50 SUPPLIES WHEATLAND CO-OP ASSN 7.99 UTILITIES BLACK HILLS ENERGY 94.67 ASSESSOR SUPPLIES OFFICE DEPOT 25.01 AVF ABANDONED VEHICLE FUND PLATTE COUNTY RECORD TIMES 45.95 CLERK OF COURT COSTS BARNES LAW LLC 1,822.55  HERBERT K DOBY 610.00  KENNETH BROWN 660.00  PALEN LAW OFFICES, LLP 2,260.00 SUPPLIES MIDWEST CONNECT 210.00 CLERK SUPPLIES AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 779.27 BARCODES LLC 147.01  ENTERPRISE TECH SERVICES 6.00 OFFICE DEPOT 372.74 CORONER AUTOPSIES LARIMER COUNTY CORONER 250.00 FACILITY RENT GORMAN FUNERAL HOME-PLATTE CHAPEL 1,050.00 SUPPLIES WHEATLAND AUTOMOTIVE 7.99 COURTHOUSE BLDG MAINT GRAINGER 1,268.14 SUPPLIES IDEAL LINEN / BLUFFS 727.52 UTILITIES BLACK HILLS ENERGY 2,055.07 DETENTION BD OF PRISONERS NATRONA COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE 195.00 REPAIR/MAINT DRUBE SUPPLY 397.93 ROCKY MTN. FIRE SYSTEMS 944.16 TRAINING AARMS 195.00 DISPATCH SUPPLIES WYOMING SECRETARY OF STATE 30.00 ELECTIONS SUPPLIES ELECTION SYSTEMS & SOFTWARE 475.00 EMERGENCY MGT FACILITY RENT PLATTE COUNTY 700.00 MISC GEN LEASED EQUIP CAPITAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS 1,895.84 MEDICAL INS VISION SERVICE PLAN (WY) 5.19 MISC DRUBE SUPPLY 3.50 US IMAGING 45,785.36 PHONE CENTURYLINK. 93.77 FIRST CALL COMMUNICATIONS 325.00 PRINTING/PUBL CAPITAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS 172.54 PH GRANTS* BIOTERRORISM BLACK HILLS ENERGY 30.21 STEVE P PEASLEY, MD 800.00 PUBLIC HEALTH NEW EQUIP AMAZON 86.84 OFFICER STEVE P PEASLEY, MD 365.00 SUPPLIES AMAZON 30.34 CENTURYLINK. 44.12 R & B SUPPLIES BOMGAARS SUPPLY INC 34.16 DRUBE SUPPLY 4.00 UTILITIES BLACK HILLS ENERGY 78.56 TDS ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES 30.00 VEHICLE REP BOMGAARS SUPPLY INC 443.72 DOUGLAS B KINSLEY 16.95 DRUBE SUPPLY 63.90 LAWSON PRODUCTS, INC. 899.41 WHEATLAND AUTOMOTIVE 424.33 SCRF WEX BANK 365.90 WYDOT Financial Services 60.64 SHERIFF SPEC INVESTIG AT&T MOBILITY 107.02 TREASURER SUPPLIES ENTERPRISE TECH SERVICES 19.23 TOTAL 448,511.79. Dec. 2020 Collections: Clyde Harris, Sheriff - $695.27 Jan. 2021 Collections: Malcolm Ervin, Clerk - $15,485.15; Mona McAuley, Clerk of District Court - $1,794.80; Circuit Court of the 8th Judicial District - $46,069.75. Applications for Depositories of Public Funds: Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to approve First State Bank, Platte Valley Bank and Banner Capital Bank as depositories for County funds. The motion carried. Building Certificates: Planner Clark presented a building certificate for Robert and Kim Himle for approval. Road & Bridge: Superintendent Beal Angle presented an Encroachment License for Wheatland Rural Electric Association for approval. Mr. Angle presented an updated list of maintenance-priority roads. The list included projects Road & Bridge intends to address in 2021. Weed & Pest Board Appointment: Mr. Jolovich motioned, seconded by Mrs. Mantle, to appoint Josh Graves as Area 5 director of the Weed & Pest board for a term expiring January 1, 2025. The motion carried. Courthouse Renovation Project: Greg Orr, Project Manager, updated the Commissioners about the Courthouse renovation project and provided them with the most recent schematic design for the building. The most recent design is available for public inspection in the Office of the County Clerk. 4-H Building Reconstruction Project: Greg Orr, Project Manager, will be attending the Fair Board meeting on Monday, January 8th to discuss potential change orders from Sampson Construction. The Fair Board will decide which change orders should be approved at that time. Mr. Orr informed the Commissioners that the Fair Board purchased custom light fixtures from a company in Buffalo, Wyoming. That decision resulted in a credit from Sampson. Audit of Fiscal Year 2019 – 2020: Mrs. Mantle motioned, seconded by Mr. Jolovich, to accept the audit report presented at the last meeting by Leo Riley & Company. The motion carried. Wild Horse Facility: Kevin Christensen, Bureau of Land Management, updated the Commissioners about a facility in Platte County that recently received wild horses. Mr. Christensen said the BLM is eager to open additional facilities for the purpose of providing a home to wild horses. A website will be created for adopting horses from those facilities as they become available. Substance Abuse Prevention Program: Matt Dammeyer, Memorial Hospital of Converse County, discussed possibilities of sponsoring the Substance Abuse Prevention Program grant through the Wyoming Department of Health. The Commissioners were agreeable and asked that Mr. Dammeyer provide them with information as to how MHCC has administered the program in Converse County. The full resolution is available for inspection online at or in the Office of the County Clerk There being no further business the meeting adjourned at approximately 11:15 A.M.

Public Notice No. 10881. To be published in the Platte County Record - Times February 10, 2021.