Public Notice No. 10814

UNAPPROVED - RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS FOR THE GOVERNING BODY OF THE TOWN OF WHEATLAND A regular meeting of the Council for the Town of Wheatland, Platte County, and State of Wyoming was held on Monday, October 12, 2020 pursuant to the law.  Mayor Graves called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  The following were present at roll call: Councilmen Britz, Madsen, and Schindler.  Clerk/Treasurer Candy Wright and Attorney Doug Weaver were also present.  Mayor Graves presented the agenda adding Sewer Line Repair under New Business.  Councilman Britz motioned, seconded by Councilman Madsen, to accept the agenda as amended.  Motion passed 3-0. Councilman Madsen motioned, seconded by Councilman Britz, to accept the consent agenda as presented and to place it on file.  Motion passed 3-0.  October vouchers approved by Council are as follows: 3 Schoe’s Inc, 9,998.00, green waste grinding, 4 Rivers equipment, 299.67, equipment repair, Absolute  Solutions, 130.00, remote speaker mic/ bravo, Albertsons/ Safeway, 47.05, office supplies, Allen’s Parts, 3.63, parts, Alsco, 92.99, mat rentals, Altec Inc, 130.15, Strobe beacon, Amped Electrical Solutions, 930.00, electrical work, Andrew Starr, 900.00, computer program, Arnold, Jess, 1,778.40, airport grand opening burritos, Ashenhurst, Thane, 150.00, town council, Atlas Office Products, 80.44, supplies, Avenue of Flags, 67.00, flags, Axon Enterprises, 3,160.00, Taser payment, Banish, Deb, 56.00, patches, Black Hills Energy, 1,019.64, heat, Bloedorn Lumber 1,034.68, supplies, Bob Ruwart Motors, 130.97, oil filters/parts, Bomgaars, 381.14, safety/supplies/tools, Border State Electric, 1,336.29, supplies/meters, Brandon Graves,750.00, town council, Britz, William, 150.00, town council, Capital Business Systems, 706.52, copier meter usage, Capital Business Systems, 29.00, shop printer, Carolina Software, 200.00, software support, CenturyLink, 197.65, phone, City of Torrington, 13,967.00, sanitation disposal, Code Publishing, 350.00, annual fees, Dana Kepner, 1,620.00, meter pits, DBC Irrigation Supply, 1,179.31, rotor stock, Delancey Enterprises, 50.00, reimbursement, Elite K-9 Inc, 35.00, shipping, Energy Labs, 1,042.00, samples, Engineering Assoc, 2,151.80, engineering wells, Faris  Machinery, 83.36, parts, Fat Boys Tire, 755.00, tire/repair, Ferguson Waterworks, 492.40, sewer parts, First Bankcard, 3,603.30, training/Google/supplies, Heimsoth, Travis, 750.00, electrical inspector, Herdt, Ruth, 200.00, office cleaning, High Plains Construction, 58,827.70, Well #6, Horton Fuels, 6,000.55, fuel,, 690.49, phone, Interstate Billing Service, 514.06, parts, John Deere Financial, 331.55, materials/supplies, KYCN Radio, 200.00, advertising, Lambert, Michale, 200.00, cleaning shop, Laramie Fire Extinguisher, 593.00, yearly inspections, Laramie Peak Motors, 8.22, supplies, Lock Trucking, 27.35, oil/fuel filters, Long’s Tree Spraying, 1,987.20, fall tree fertilization, Madsen, Alan, 150.00, town council, Matthew Bender & Co, 362.46, WY statutes 2020, McElmurry, Jeanie , 325.00, cleaning, Meritain Health, 28,755.08, health premiums, Midwest Hose & Specialty, 152.89, parts, Morgan, Devonna, 145.00, dot exam, Mount, Dallas, 550.00, reimburse – airport grand opening, Norco, Inc, 158.91, parts/supplies, One Call of WY, 47.25,63 tickets, One Stop Safety Solutions, 300.00, safety consulting, Partsmaster, 365.43, shop supplies, PH Consulting LLC, 725.00, printed envelopes, Pocket Press LLC, 98.40, WY criminal/ traffic laws, Premier Calibrating & Tech, 1,400.00, on-site recertification, Pro Force, 224.28, parts/supplies, Quill Corporation, 417.92, hand sanitizer, Record Times, 461.76, airport final payment/grand opening ads, Record Times, 1,766.56, advertisement, Safety Kleen, 148.00,   parts washer, Schindler, Jamie, 150.00, town council, Sparkletts & Sierra Springs, 111.85, cooler rental, State of WY, 18,140.72, utility sales tax, Stevenson, Terry, 200.00, Emergency Management, Stone Welding, 47.50, fabrication, Street Cop Training, 1,245.00, patrol tactics, Streets, Mark, 500.00, fire inspector, Superior Contracting, 5,280.00, trash hauling, Symbol Arts, 135.00, badge, TDS Collection Service, 3,210.90, roll off c & d, The Tire Shop, 3,609.54, semi tire/repair, Thrifty Foods, 117.06, supplies, TO Engineers, 98,433.08, airport engineering, Tri State Oil Reclaimed, 45.00,400 gal used oil, Trihydro Corp, 474.26, engineering - landfill monitoring, USA Blue Book, 410.84, parts/materials, Verizon Wireless, 470.59, cell phones, Waterous Company, 389.79, parts/supplies, Wesco Receivables, 5,409.40, electric supplies, Western Bldg., 203.75, saw blades, Western United Elect Supply, 2,055.13, South St electric project, Wheatland Automotive, 1,837.49, parts, Wheatland Co-op, 207.97, supplies, Wheatland R.E.A, 8,823.38, electric purchased/materials, Wyologic,3,547.75, IT/website/camera, WY Conf. Bldg. Officials, 200.00, membership/conference, WY Municipal Power, 234,419.91, power bill, WY State Fire Marshal’s, 334.32, 5 essential of firefighting 7th ed, WY Wireless Internet, 75.00, internet, WY Worker’s Comp, 94.31, Fire Workers comp,, 80.00, web design, WyoPots, 400.00, portable restroom rental Payroll, $165,852.98, SPET - Border States, electrical supplies $461.55 Total $712,946.52. UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Representatives from the Wheatland Historic Preservation Commission presented the revised boundary map for the Historic Downtown District.  Councilman Britz motioned, seconded by Councilman Schindler, to accept the revised boundaries for the Wheatland Downtown Historic District. Motion Passed 3-0. Councilman Britz motioned, seconded by Councilman Schindler, to approve Ordinance 828 on third and final reading.  Motion passed 3-0. ORDINANCE NO. 828 AN ORDINANCE REZONING GRAYROCKS MOBILE HOME PARK, TOWN OF WHEATLAND  WHEREAS, the applicant, Grayrocks Court LLC, submitted an application for a land use district change for the property described below from Mobile Home Park district to Combo district (MHP, TTP), and;
WHEREAS, the Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing concerning this land use district change on August 6, 2020, and; WHEREAS, during the August 6, 2020 Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing the Commission voted to recommend to the Town Council to approve the requested land use district change; NOW THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF WHEATLAND, WYOMING: The following described real property:  GRAYROCKS MOBILE HOME PARK, PART OF THE SE¼SW¼ OF SECTION 12, TOWNSHIP 24 NORTH, RANGE 68 WEST, TOWN OF WHEATLAND, COUNTY OF PLATTE, and STATE OF WYOMING Be and the same is hereby re-zoned from Mobile Home Park district to Combo (MHP, TTP) district as set forth in Chapters 18.30, 18.35, and 18.65 of the Wheatland Municipal Code.  Passed and approved this 10th day of August 2020, on first reading.  Passed and approved this 14th day of September 2020, on second reading.  Passed and approved this 12th day of October 2020, on third reading. S/N:  Mayor Brandon Graves Attest:  S/N:  Clerk Candy Wright. Councilman Britz motioned, seconded by Councilman Schindler, to approve Ordinance 829 on second reading.  Motion failed 1-2 with Councilman Britz and Councilman Madsen voting against. Ordinance 829 - An Ordinance Prohibiting the Landing and Taking Off of Airplanes, Helicopters, and Rotorcrafts except at the Town of Wheatland Municipal Airport.  NEW BUSINESS:  Councilman Britz motioned, seconded by Councilman Schindler, to approve a simple subdivision dividing 10.09 acres within 1 mile of town limits. Motion passed 3-0.  Councilman Britz motioned, seconded by Councilman Schindler to approve on first reading Ordinance 830 - An Ordinance Increasing Fees at the Cemetery. Motion passed 3-0.  Councilman Britz motioned, seconded by Councilman Schindler, to allocate $30,000 from the General Fund to the Sewer Department for the purpose of patch repair on 10th Street, 11th Street, and in the alleyway between 14th and 15th Streets off of Cole Street. Motion Passed 3-0.  With nothing further to come before the Council the meeting adjourned 8:28 p.m.  S/N:  Mayor Brandon Graves Attest:  S/N:  Clerk Candy Wright

Public Notice No. 10814. To be published in the Platte County Record - Times October 28, 2020.