Public Notice No. 10661

PROBATE No. 2020-05
: SS
IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF     FRED ALFORD VIGIL, aka BEN VIGIL                            )
        Deceased.                                            )

    TAKE NOTICE that Katherine Kay Ley, Benjamin Joseph Vigil, and Mary Ellen Taylor have filed a Petition for Summary Distribution of Real Property and Application for Decree Pursuant to W.S. §2-1-205, W.S. (Lexis/Nexis 2012) as amended, in the matter of the estate of Fred Alford Vigil aka Ben Vigil, wherein it is alleged that:
    1.    Fred Alford Vigil, aka Ben Vigil died on July 15, 2018 in Laramie County, Wyoming. He was a resident of Platte County, Wyoming and owned property located in Platte County, Wyoming.
    2.    At the time of death the decedent owned the following described real property:
    That portion of the SE¼NW¼ of Section 14, Township 24 North, Range 68             West of the 6th P.M., Platte County, State of Wyoming, more particularly             described as follows:

    Beginning at a point 298.11 feet North of the Southeast corner of the SE¼NW¼ of said Section 14; thence running West on a parallel to the South line of the NW¼ of said Section 14 for a distance of 253.28 feet; thence, running North for a distance of 277.89 feet; thence North 89 50´ East for a distance of 235.28 feet; thence South 278.57 feet to the point of beginning, containing 1.5 acres, more or less, together with all improvements thereon  and rights thereunto appertaining.

    3.    The value of the deceased estate located in Wyoming subject to probate administration in this sale was less than $200,000.00 at time of death.

    4.    The Petition requests as a result of the death of Fred Alford Vigil, aka Ben Vigil, Katherine Kay Ley should succeed to the title to the property.

    5.    If no objection to the application has been filed within thirty (30) days of the first date of publication, the court shall enter a decree establishing the right and title to the real property located in Wyoming. A certified copy of the decree shall be recorded in the office of the county clerk of each county in which the real property, including mineral interests, is located. Upon recording of the decree, the decree and the record thereof shall be presumptive evidence of title to the property. If an objection to the application is filed within thirty (30) days of the first date of publication, the court shall set the matter for a hearing, after which the court shall enter an order either denying or granting the application.
    Dated this 2nd day of March, 2020.        
    Mona McAuley
    Clerk of Court

Public Notice No. 10661. To be published in the Platte County Record - Times March 11 and 18, 2020.