Public Notice No. 10642


Phillips 66 has requested a waiver from the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, Water Quality Division (WDEQ/WQD) for a temporary increase in turbidity in ten streams along a proposed pipeline corridor in southeast Wyoming, including Deer Creek, Fox Creek, Bear Creek, Dater Creek, Horse Creek, Little Horse Creek, Spring Creek, Lodgepole Creek, Muddy Creek, and Crow Creek in Laramie, Goshen, and Platte Counties. Activity in cold and warm water streams is normally limited to a ten (10) and fifteen (15) NTU increase over background, respectively. Approval of this request would allow an exceedance of this limit for up to ten (10) working days in each stream, subject to monitoring and reporting. This activity will follow the procedures in Chapter 1, Section 23(c)(ii), of the WDEQ Water Quality Rules and Regulations, which allow for temporary elevated levels of turbidity in certain circumstances. The applicant has received a 404 permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the project. Proposed activities include the installation of a 24-inch diameter crude oil/condensate pipeline using horizontal directional drilling to install the pipeline under the streambed of perennial streams and open trenching to install the pipeline under the streambed of intermittent streams.

Requests for related information and documents about the proposed temporary turbidity increase should be directed to Bret Callaway by email ([email protected]) or phone (307-777-5802).  Comments must be addressed to Bret Callaway, Wyoming DEQ/WQD, 200 West 17th  Street, 4th Floor, Cheyenne, WY 82002, and postmarked before 5:00 p.m. on February 26, 2020 (or faxed to 307-635-1784) to be considered. Phone or email comments will not be accepted.

Public Notice No. 10642. To be published in the Platte County Record - Times February 12, 2020.