Public Notice No. 10588

TOWN OF WHEATLAND A regular meeting of the Council for the Town of Wheatland, Platte County, and State of Wyoming was held at Town Hall on Monday, November 11, 2019 pursuant to the law.  Mayor Graves called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  The following were present at roll call: Councilmen Madsen, Ashenhurst, Britz and Schindler.  Clerk/Treasurer Candy Wright and Attorney Doug Weaver were also present.  Mayor Graves presented the agenda requesting to remove the runway reconstruction update from Old Business, remove the catering permit request from New Business and add an executive session.  Councilman Ashenhurst motioned, seconded by Councilman Madsen, to accept the agenda as amended.  Motion passed 4-0.  Mayor Graves welcomed apprentices from the Town of Wheatland, Wheatland REA and Basin Electric and proclaimed November 11, 2019 through November 17, 2019 as National Apprenticeship Week.  
Mayor Graves presented the consent agenda.  Councilman Britz motioned, seconded by Councilman Schindler, to accept the consent agenda as presented and place on file.  Motion passed 4-0.  October vouchers approved by Council are as follows: A & M ELECTRIC, 220.51, gas heater install, AIRGAS, 3,441.12, valves/charger, ALBERTSONS/SAFEWAY INC, 160.78, office supplies, ALEXANDER CONSTRUCTION, 2,280.02, base, ALSCO, 89.21, mat rentals, ALTEC INC, 3,594.14, hydraulic oil, AMAZING MONOGRAMMING, 25.60, logo, AMAZON.COM, 177.85, supplies, AMERICAN WATER WORKS ASSN, 324.00, membership dues, ARMSCOR CARTRIDGE INCORPORATED, 950.00, supplies, ASHENHURST, THANE, 150.00, town council, ATLAS OFFICE PRODUCTS INC, 298.06, office supplies, BIOLYNCEUS, LLC, 5,526.64, pro biotic scrubber, BLACK HILLS ENERGY, 1,185.75, heat, BLOEDORN LUMBER, 503.01, hardware supplies, BORDER STATES ELECTRIC SUPPLY, 513.80, tools, BRANDON GRAVES, 750.00, town council, CAPITAL BUSINESS SYSTEM INC., 630.86, copier meter usage, CAPITAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC, 25.00, shop printer, CHIEF SUPPLY, 243.42, uniform and supplies, CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY PROJECT, 3,000.00, general operating costs, CITY OF TORRINGTON, 11,573.60, sanitation disposal, CNA SURETY, 100.00, Wilcox, CODE PUBLISHING, 598.55, municipal code, CONSOLIDATED MFG. ENT.,INC., 107.27, repair/fabrication, CPS DISTRIBUTORS, 57.59, parts, CRA PAYMENT CENTER, 89.89, hardware, CRESCENT ELECTRIC, 137.70, locks, DBT TRANSPORTATION SERVICES LLC, 1,442.44, AWOS maintenance, DBT TRANSPORTATION SERVICES LLC, 912.00, AWOS repair, DESERT MOUNTAIN CORP., 9,152.17, ice slicer, DRUBE’S SUPPLY, 544.15, hardware supplies, ELIZABETH KALLAI, 124.34, fence repair, ENERGY LABS, INC.,3,470.00, testing, ENGINEERING ASSOCIATES, 573.92, engineering, EXPONENTIAL ENGINEERING COMPANY, 5,111.45, electric engineering, FASTENAL COMPANY, 4,075.62, parts/supplies, FAT BOYS TIRE & REPAIR, 1,741.80, tires/repair, FERGUSON WATERWORKS #1701, 319.30, auto gun repair, FIRED UP, 111.80, supplies, FIRST BANKCARD, 4,439.60, office supplies/GOOGLE/postage/travel/trainings, FIRST STATE BANK,60,000.00, health claims, GALLS - ARAMARK, 508.15, supplies, H & H ELECRIC LLC, 14,806.49, fuses, HEIMSOTH, TRAVIS, 750.00, electrical inspector, HERDT, RUTH, 200.00, PD cleaning, HORTON FUELS LLC, 8,409.41, fuel, INTERMEDIA.NET INC, 691.01, phones, INTERNATIONAL CODE COUNCIL, 860.60, inspector collection, JERRY POST PSY.D.,PC, 1,315.00, consultation, JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL, 499.59, supplies, KYCN RADIO, 200.00, advertising, LAMBERT, MICHAEL, 200.00, shop cleaning, LARAMIE COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE, 3,299.00, training, LARAMIE PEAK MOTORS, 27.45, auto parts, LAWSON PRODUCTS, 176.62, supplies, LINGO COMMUNICATIONS, 185.23, phone, MADSEN, ALAN,150.00, town council, MARKS PLUMBING PARTS, 331.42, parts/supplies, MCELMURRY, JEANIE R,325.00, Town Hall cleaning, MOUNTAIN VIEW BUILDING, 6,379.50, YO Road, MOUNTAIN VIEW BUILDING, 3,135.50, YO Road, ONE CALL OF WY, 56.25, Tickets, ONE CALL OF WY, 27.75, tickets, ONE STOP SAFETY SOLUTIONS, 865.00, training/alcohol drug testing,   O’REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC, 155.09, auto parts, P.C. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, 5,040.00, charges for services, PARTSMASTER, 3,192.42, supplies/parts, PETERBILT OF WY, 205.81, parts, PLATTE #1, 80.00, pre-employment testing, QUILL CORPORATION, 915.86, office supplies, RAILROAD MGT CO. LLC, 258.95, storm sewer pipeline, RECORD TIMES & PC MERCHANT, 3,878.76, advertisement, RESOURCE MANAGEMENT CO. INC., 148.33, tire disposal, RESPOND FIRST AID SYSTEMS, 144.88, first aid kits, S & S STUMP GRINDING, 560.00, stump removal, SAFETY-KLEEN, 148.80,20, parts wash, SALT CITY SALES,778.41, supplies, SCHINDLER, JAMIE, 150.00, town council, SPARKLETTS & SIERRA SPRINGS, 114.25, cooler rental/water, STATE OF WY, 13,466.39, sales tax-utility, STEVENSON, TERRY, 200.00, emergency management, STREETS, MARK, 500.00, fire inspector, SYMBOL ARTS, 35.00, merit bars, TDS COLLECTION SERVICE INC., 3,315.90, C&D roll-off, THE TIRE SHOP, 83.10, tire repair, THOMAS, JEFF, 46.86, safety, THRIFTY FOODS, 488.45, office supplies, TILLMAN, BAILEY, 111.29, safety, TOWN OF WHEATLAND, 598.99, phone/training/supplies/postage, TRIHYDRO CORPORATION, 1,078.88, landfill well monitoring, VALLI INFORMATION SYSEMS INC, 833.95, billing, VERIZON WIRELESS, 624.78, phones, WEAVER, DOUGLAS, 13.60, certified mail, WESTERN UNITED ELECT SUPPLY, 69,381.69, electric upgrade supplies, WHEATLAND AUTOMOTIVE, 1,423.01, auto parts, WHEATLAND CO-OP ASSN, 74.67, dog food, WHEATLAND R.E.A., 5,472.22, power purchased, WYOLOGIC INC, 5,654.74, IT/laptop/WIN 10 Updates, WY MUNICIPAL POWER, 224,354.87, purchased power, WY RETIREMENT SYSTEM, 285.00, firemen retirement, WY WORKERS COMPENSATION, 189.79, firemen workers comp, WY.COM, 20.00, Web hosting, ZAKOWSKI, JOHN, 125.00, CDL Medical card, SPET – Engineering Assoc, $1,7853,24 Black Mtn Tower engineering, Payroll $164,262.50    Total $682,337.41 NEW BUSINESS:  Councilman Britz motioned, seconded by Councilman Madsen, to accept the property insurance renewal from Woolington Agency for 2020.  Motion passed 4-0.  Councilman Britz motioned, seconded by Councilman Madsen, to accept the Solid Waste Transportation Agreement with Superior Contracting, LLC.  After a brief discussion Councilmen Britz and Madsen amended the motion to include the changes discussed.  Mayor Graves called for the question.  Motion passed 4-0.  Councilman Madsen motioned, seconded by Councilman Britz, to move into Executive Session at 8:10 p.m. for the purpose of discussion on personnel issues and potential litigation.  Motion passed 4-0.  Council adjourned out of Executive Session at 8:44 p.m.  No action was taken.  With nothing further to come before the Council the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.  S/N:  Mayor Brandon Graves Attest:  S/N:  Clerk Candy Wright

Public Notice No. 10588. To be published in the Platte County Record - Times November 27, 2019.