Public Notice No. 10065

The Platte County Control Area Advisory Board will meet November 16, 2017 at 1:00 P.M. at the State Board of Control Office, 1560 B Johnston St., Wheatland, Wyoming.  The agenda includes approval of the proposed agenda, approval of the May 24, 2017 Advisory Board meeting minutes, and consideration of applications from Jerry Cundall (T.F. No. U.W. 44-4-419, Enl. Little Cottonwood No. 2); Teamcon (T.F. No. U.W. 44-9-327, Teamcon #2); WYDOT (T.F. No. U.W. 44-4-396, and T.F. No. U.W. 44-5-396, I252158 & I252159 CB UW5, and I252158 & I252159 CB (1) UW5); and Butch Terrell (T.F. No. U.W. 44-1-421, 2nd Enl. Wilder No. 1 Well); and miscellaneous agenda items.  For further information, contact Terry Carpenter, Wyoming State Engineer’s Office, Ground Water Division at (307) 777-6688.

Public Notice No. 10065. To be published in the Record Times on November 8, 2017