Powers family loses 55 years of memories

In the landscape of beautiful mountains near Palmer Canyon, all that stands at the home of Kerry and Clare Powers is the fireplace. The rest was reduced to a two-story pile of twisted rubble at the large home.

Year in Review

WHEATLAND – Kerry and Clare Powers who have been married for 55 years and who have amassed five decades of treasures and memories watched it all burn to ash in the span of 30 minutes as 80-mile gusts of wind from over the mountains drove the fire to cause total destruction.

“It’s a total loss,” said Power’s son Quincy who was at the residence at the time the fire started. “I was sitting on the couch watching a movie with mom and dad and we had the dog with us. I heard a strange crackling noise. I thought it was Amos the dog eating the butter off the kitchen table, but I looked down and no, Amos was right there.”

It was not in fact a butter-eating dog, but something heinous and ominous and within the next hour, the Powers family barely escaped the fire with their lives.

“I ran across to the other side of the house and I saw orange coming from underneath the door,” Powers said. “I thought to myself, well, that’s not right and I opened it just a crack and it was just a ball of fire. I yelled ‘FIRE’ and dad was like, ‘what?’ and came running in. I then opened the door and burnt myself nicely.”


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