Platte County school choirs put on a rockin’ show

Members of the Underground Jackalope Society. From left front: Tim Painter and Joe Painter. Evan Bradley is playing drums in the back.

WHEATLAND – Chris Leathers, the choir teacher for Wheatland Middle and High Schools, played things a little different for the annual Spring Concert by having the kids accompanied by local rock band, The Underground Jackalope Society.
Tim Painter played guitar, Joe Painter was on bass, Lorrie Morgan rounded out the sound on piano and WHS Band teacher Evan Bradley kept the beat strong on drums. Instead of formal risers and choir robes, the vocalists stood in a semi-circle on the stage to allow them them to see eachother and enjoy some dance.
The seventh graders even got to add some of their own musical instrument skills with kazoos during their rendition of Yakkity Yak. Leathers was very clear that he did not wish to get any of the kazoos back - they were for the kids to take home and enjoy. The parents in the audience seemed less enthusiastic then the performers at that statement.
The Underground Jackalope Society is a hard rock, classic rock, and blues band from the North Platte River region of central Wyoming, but mostly based out of Douglas. The actual members of the group are fluid, based mostly on who is available for each gig. Besides playing for the students, they also entertained the crowd when the different choirs would leave and enter the stage which kept the energy alive through the whole show.
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