Platte County Art Guild finishes twin murals at El Rancho Village

The Platte County Art Guild recently completed a project at El Rancho Village RV & Cabins in Wheatland. The group painted two murals on the shower and laundry building. One depicting a backdrop of Laramie Peak and the other showcasing the Platte River.

WHEATLAND – The Platte County Art Guild did a summer-long project at the El Rancho Village RV & Cabins, painting twin murals on the RV park’s laundry and shower facilities building at the request of Del Tinsley who owns the park.

“It was Del Tinsley’s idea to do it and he asked me, I accepted,” said Bonnie Parker, Platte County Art Guild president. “There is a list of all that were involved in the mural painted on the wall. We started the project the fifth of June. The heat really slowed us down more than anything plus it takes me an hour and a half to come off the mountain so we didn't get started until 9:00 a.m. or so. By noon the shade was gone and it was too hot for us and the paint.”

Artists who participated in the project were, Mary Ann Koons, Bonnie Parker, Cheryl Walter, Curt Artery, Kathy Hamar, Jo Lawrence, Helen Rutz, Jim O'Brien, Colleen Hogan, Lee Modesitt and Judy Windmeier.

The PCAG started in 1935 and currently has 29 members. The PCAG consists of artists that paint with acrylics, oils and watercolors, Pastels, charcoal, and pallet knife. They have Photographers, Crafters, and all other visual art venues.


I think we did a nice job I am really pleased with it,” Parker said. I think Del is happy with it, we had a alot of fun painting it.”

Del and Sandy Tinsley say that they decided to purchase El Rancho Village because it was for sale. They also say that they’d buy another one if they could have Wes and Diana Harriman manage it for them.

The Tinsley’s who now own the RV park put an ad out to the RV community that they needed someone to refurbish and manage an old park that they had just purchased. The Harriman’s who were RVing in Colorado saw the ad and decided to come to Wyoming to check out the area, the park and the job.

 El Rancho Village located just north of the Dwyer Junction rest area off I-25, exit 94 has an official address of 26 Fish Creek Road. The RV Park had been vacant for two years, but it took a visionary like Del Tinsley to look at the location and realize that it was a great place to have a business.

The park has great views of Laramie Peak, is close to some of the best Walleye fishing in the state at Glendo State Park and Gray Rocks Reservoir. As well as there is great boating at these reservoirs including Guernsey Lake and the Wheatland Reservoir. All within 15 miles from the park and open to the public. Shopping in Wheatland is 15 miles to the south and Douglas to the north. This park is on the preferred route to get to Yellowstone and the Tetons. It is also an hour from the metropolis of Cheyenne to the south, Scottsbluff, Nebraska, to the east and Casper to the north.

The wildlife is also spectacular whether you want to see Antelope in large herds, elk and deer meandering among the pines on Laramie Peak or black bears that make their home in the eastern edge of the Medicine Bow National Forest – all just a 20-minute jaunt up the mountain to the west.

And now, there is the addition of the colorful and breathtaking twin murals which can be seen not only from I-25, but are a focal point when people drive into the park.

“The Platte County Art Guild is made up of great old timers who love to paint scenes of the past and present of our county,” Tinsley said. “And that they did. What a joy to watch them work and better yet listen to them talk and tell stories. Our guests love to stand there and view their work. One guest asked me where they all come from. I joked with him and told him that they were out of jail on good behavior. We all had a good laugh. They all had a great time and our guests love it.”

El Rancho Village has a Facebook page and you can also contact Diana Harriman at 307-331-9972 for more information or to find the availability for camping.  Their website can be found at:



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